cream cabinets and wood floors

annieecampJanuary 22, 2011

I have to make my cabinet decisions soon! I really want a cream kitchen with a cherry island. For some reason my builder is trying to talk me out of the cream kitchen and even showed me a photo of switching the island and kitchen. Is it more of a hassle to install painted cabinets verses stained? What could be the reason?

He is also suggesting white oak quarter sawn wood floors, site stained. Anyone have this and do you like the look?


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I love the look and think the floors would look fabulous. What are "his" concerns for your color choices? Is he supplying the cabinets? Sometimes there is an upcharge for painted cabinets versus standard stock colors.

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The floor will look great.

Re: painted cabs. I believe one has to be more careful when installing. If there is a scratch or whatever with stained cabs, he would just rub a little stain pen on it. Painted cabs show chips/scratches whatever and the pens don't touch up as perfectly.

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Sabjimata said it perfectly. That was exactly what I was

Go for it! You will love creamy cabs, dark stained floors
and a cherry island. Just typing this out makes me realize
how pretty it will be.

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I haven't posted anything for a few months because I have been very busy trying to get settled in our new home. I have cream colored cabinets a stained island and site finished wood floors. They are not quartersawn, I looked into them but they were more expensive. I will try to post a pic.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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oops maybe this will work.

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So pretty Kristi! How are you liking your stacked cabinet? I find myself loving that look but worry about losing precious countertop. But I love it so much I think it may be worth it!

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I'm going to be blunt about this - you're paying the bills not your GC. Your bills, your kitchen, your decisions. Get what you want and not what is easy for you GC. We need to stick up for ourselves during our renos and not let others run over us.

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Here are my cream cabs, cherry island, and oak floors (not quartersawn but site finished). I wish my island was a little darker (actually, I'm wanting to paint it red, but there's no going back so I'm hesitating). I think it is a little too close but not close enough with the floor color the way it is. Our old cabinets were cherry with the oak, and it was just too much wood. FWIW -- Amy

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Amy, I never get tired of seeing your kitchen!

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Gorgeous! Getting my kitchen just like that! Was wondering what is your countertop?

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My countertop is Cambria quartz in Burnbury (or something like that -- I can never remember that right!) We like it!

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You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the answers. I have been searching this site throughout this build and you all seem like a circle of friends. I often see the same contributers. I AM HAVING CREAM CABINETS (think I still want the cherry island-or should I do cream??). I am also doing the stainless steel hood (he wanted me to do wood). Now I have to decide on countertops. Quartz or I actually eyed a creamy corion (witch hazel). Would corion be a big mistake??

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If you want the cherry island do it. I like the mix of painted and stained cabinetry. We couldn't do an island due to lack of space but we do have a peninsula and the 18" overhang is dark stained maple and together with my cream cabinets (and the granite) it looks fabulous.
There are current trends that I think are just that - trends. But this is one mix of different treatments of cabinets that I think will be timeless.

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anncamp, creamy cabs, cherry island, and white oak stained floors will look wonderful. What stain are you thinking of for the floor?

clergychick, I always love to see your kitchen. And I love the typhoon red bread box in the corner!

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Thanks! I really feel like I have plenty of counterspace, and I don't regret the stacked cabinets at all.

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Flowers n co-
I would like to do my floors rather medium/dark. I want to go with somewhat of a coffee color. My island would be shiloh coffee cherry with black glaze and eggshell maple cabinets with coffee glaze. Not to much glaze though. My builder wants me to do light floors (natural). Is there a rule that the floors should be lighter then the island? I am drawn to cream and coffee colors together. I want creamy walls etc. with wood accents. I love to look at the pictures in Ballard designs for inspiration.

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my cabs are shiloh! they are the soft white with cafe glaze and brushed highlighting (red cherry island). I think they do a great job with the glazing -- a nice light touch.

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anncamp, I think a med/dark floor would look nice. Clergychick's is more of a medium (it will give you an idea of the look with a cherry island and creamy cabs). One word of caution, a coffee color is somewhat darker. Most people that have a dark floor (like espresso) say it's hard to keep clean, so just keep that in mind.

I think your kitchen will be beautiful just as you've planned it out. Don't let your GC bully you into going in a different direction.

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Love your cabinets! I had such a hard time deciding on the color of the stain. I couldn't find a stain in maple that I liked in the Shiloh line. Are you happy with your red cherry and do you have any glaze on the cherry? I hope my eggshell is not to dark.
I am also trying to decide on my flooring. Can't decide on 4 or 5 inch boards.

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My last kitchen (now for sale) was creamy cabinets and wood floors. (pic below)

One warning about going with darker floors. We are living in a rental house while we finish our reno on our new house (we moved to be here for the start of school and expected to be done by Halloween!). Anyway, in the house where we are staying they have dark wooden floors everywhere. Very au courant and looks great with the white trim, etc.

However .... a total pain to keep clean. Shows everything! I have my house cleaned twice a week and they mop the floors both times, Monday and Thursday. But if I have company on say, Saturday, the floors look dirty to me and i have to mop them before people come.

Also, i dont know what kind of wood the floors are but the wood is a light color with dark stain. It shows every little scratch! Id be beside myself if these were my floors. Especially where the counter stools are. And it was all new 6 months ago. If you go dark, the wood itself should be dark.

Lastly, I do have to say that very dark floors may be trendy. In my old home, the floors were all tiger oak in a medium stain and I think theyd been pretty much that way for decades (and looked great). The house we bought had pickled floors, the house we are renting dark walnut floors. Seeing the pickled floors (yuck ... so 80s) reminded me that wood floors are only timeless if the finish and stain are timeless. So in my new house I went medium, even though I do like the dark look, too

Here is a link that might be useful: creamy cabs w wood floors

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My sister has white kitchen cabinets, with a beautiful Lyptus dark stained island with dark oak floors. LOVE the look of the white with the stained island. However, I too notice and hear from her that the dark floors really show dust, and need to be fully swept, cleaned daily (if not more)

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Would you say your floors were medium in your last house? Beautiful home. Loved the pictures! Would you go 4 or 5 inch?

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Thank you, Ann, yes they were medium. I dont think they were even 4" wide, maybe 3.5"? Im glad you like my house. Its for sale if you decide thats easier than a reno? : )

IN our new home we had Carlisle random width wide plank eastern white pine installed. Love it, but it is very farmhouse-y.

Here is a link that might be useful: our new floors

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We don't have oak floors, but rather a dark cork floor, (hey it looks like wood) and I have creamy white perimeter cabinets and dark cherry island. In fact I have dark cherry cabinets flanking my fridge too.

So, go with what you want, the dark island will be great.

I'd post a picture, but I'm sure I would get evil looks on here--I've posted those photos way too many times.

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I have creamy white cabinets a cherry island and oak floors with medium dark stain. I love it , love it. Go for it!

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Hi Ann!
We had the red cherry cabs in our former kitchen, and really liked them. But the floors there were tile. This time around, I had chosen a MUCH darker stain for the island, but my hubby had cold feet about it at the very last minute and wanted to go with the familiar red cherry. I think the darker stain would have been better with our wood floors.

I think you can do medium stain on floor and/or cabs, but just either match them (like that beautiful kitchen of kristi's above) or have a coordinated contrast that works. FWIW, Amy

p.s. I like the wider plank floors!

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Hey Ann, did you ever decide on a door style for your Shiloh Cabs? We put the order for our Shiloh homestead cabs in a week ago today. I'm impatiently awaiting their arrival.

I think your vision for creamy cabinets and a stained island sounds gorgeous. I also agree with clergychick...I like the wider plank floors also!

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Do the creamy cabinets! Are you in the midwest? I have lived in the midwest and New England and I find that a lot of midwesterners (especially guys) freak out when you talk about having painted trim, painted cabinetry, etc. They think they want to see the wood. But when we lived in Maine everything was painted and I think just about everyone loved the look.
I like mixing up the island too. Go for it!

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I thought I would chime in on a couple of points. I'm doing painted cabs and maintenance can be a bit of a pain, but I don't care. I am also considering Corian (in Rain Cloud), not as good for resale in my area, but seems like it would wear better than marble.

However, I have to agree with a previous poster. Dark floors are beautiful, but are (a) a trend that probably won't last, (b) can be terrible to keep clean, and (c) IMO, really sap light from a space. My friend had her DH strip and restain her floors quite dark, then made the poor man refinish them to a lighter tone when she realized how they show all dirt.

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Cream cabinets are no 'harder' to install than stained cabinets, but I think the installers must be more careful to prevent scuff marks, scratches, finish chipping, etc.

I am doing cream cabinets with aa custom 4 1/2" wide character Maple stained medium/dark for my floor. I love the warmth a wood floor adds to a kitchen! Throw a couple rugs down in front of the sinks and yer good to go.

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Hi, Everyone.
You guys are great. I have to order cabinets today. My cabinet doors are mainly going to be the new Kendall and then my island will be Charleston style. I am even doing brown painted cabinets in the master bath (OH,OH!). Now do I glaze these cream cabinets??? Need help right away with this question. Either eggshell or eggshell with cafe glaze.
And yes, I am from Nebraska. Can we all meet up sometime?? I'd like to come over for a cup of coffee!!

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Anncamp, I lived in Omaha for 6 years and I can remember how they love their wood-stained cabinets there! (Same in Des Moines, where I grew up). You will be a trendsetter in Nebraska with your creamy cabinets. They will look awesome. We live in Wisconsin now and had our pickled oak trim and cabinets painted white when we moved in and the painters said, "You aren't from arond here, are you?" :)

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Ann, there was a thread about glazing last week, and it would seem the current conventional wisdom is NOT to glaze. The majority thought it looks "dirty" or at least "dated". Of course, it's a matter of taste, like everything else, and everything that is done will be dated at some point. I like how the glazing brings out the detail in our beaded doors on the lower cabs. But what we have is very light (cafe glaze). FWIW -- Amy

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