Anyone with Fiestaware canisters?

marys1000April 18, 2010

I've been looking for canisters that

1) you can scoop/measure from

2) are either glass or not made in China ceramic

Fiestaware is made in the USA but the sizes seem sort of weird. This is what I got from their biggest online source (can't really find them in stores).

You would think, and I've seen the Oxo plastics canisters do it, that canisters would be made with the most common flour, sugar bag sizes in mind.

I anyone has these is the below correct? The large canister doesn't hold a bag of flour?

Small  24 ounces = 3 cups

Medium  52 ounces = 6.5 cups

Large  80 ounces = 10 cups

A standard flour bag is sold by weight, not volume. IÂm guessing the large canister will hold ¾ of a 5 lb bag of flour.

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There are lots of lovely glass canisters out there...thsoe simple anchor hocking ones are lovely.

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I agree, if you want glass the simple Anchor Hocking glass canisters are very nice and go with pretty much everything.

I haven't seen the Fiesta Ware canisters, although I really like the colors of Fiesta Ware and somehow I know I'm going to end up with Fiesta Ware at some point in the new house.


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I have/had them. I bet they are in the garage somewhere. I seem to remember using the large one to soak a part of my water system in muratic acid so it might be out with the chemicals. I can confirm that they are not very large. I would bet those numbers are correct.

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I googled and Anchor Hocking do seem to have a bunch - but its hard to tell whether the openings are big enough to scoop right from the container. I wish the made rectangular ones - that seems to me to be the perfect shape to run your measuring cup through.

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My favorite Fiestaware color is the vintage persimmon. The glaze was made with uranium and it gives food that special something.

It comes in handy during power outages too because it glows in the dark.


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ROTFL!!! Jim!

Do they have to be decorative? BB&B have some stainless canisters with glass inset tops (or something like that), which I looked at because it was on a wedding registry. The biggest one seemed about big enough for 5 lb. of flour, or nearly. It has a wide mouth. There are smaller ones as well.

For large amounts of flour, nothing beats an old popcorn tin.

Amazon has an Anchor Hocking 2 gallon canister. That's big enough for flour, right? Hard to lift, but big, and the mouth looks to be over 8" around.

My tall flour canister (plastic--ClickClacks) has 8.5" of usable height (below the lid), and a bit less than 7" in diameter (according to the calculator this is 1 3/8 gallons). This just holds a 5 lb. bag of flour. 7" is wide enough to scoop with a measuring cup on an angle, but not flat. Works for me. You might want a little wider, however.

You could also go to the art department of your local college and see if you can find a student who would like to make you canisters in the size, shape and color you're looking for.

I'm assuming that Wisconsin Made means these are USA made. The 4-5 quart one, sounds 5 lb. bag worthy.

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I don't think I've ever seen canisters designed to fit packaging sizes. Most of them seem to be designed for looks rather than size.

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Mary, if your canisters live in a pantry you might consider Lock 'n Lock. The sizes are right, they perform as advertised, are d/w, freezer, & microwave safe, & non-breakable. Utilitarian & practical, if not decorative.


Here is a link that might be useful: Large Selection of Lock 'n Lock @ QVC

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Tricia, your link goes to a rather gaudy ring. :) Are those glass?

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i have a set of fiesta ware canisters. the big one is persimmon, the medium one is yellow and the small one is sea mist. they are on the smaller side-but i use mine and also have them for display, i have a tone of fiesta ware!

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Yeah, the link is bad. I have no idea what happened & I'm too tired to try & fix it tonight. I'll catch it tomorrow.


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Meijer has glass, kind of square, vintage-looking, screw-top containers. The largest size holds a bag of flour, the smaller size holds a couple bags of semolina or a smaller bag of corn meal. The anchor hocking glass jars don't seal. They will hold more than a 5 lb. bag of flour.


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Pllog, my click on QVC took me to a set of solar lights!

Judy, for some reason I thought that the Anchor Hocking jars I saw had rubber type seals on the lids, but maybe not.

I do have Lock & Locks and I love 'em. Elery has the glass ones, but mine are plastic. Since I don't heat them or cook in them, it's fine with me.


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I love Meijers but haven't seen anything glass in mine that that has a nice big scoopable opening.

Tricia - are these the glass ones with plastic tops with tabs? Do you have them because I read a lot of bad reviews about them with the tabs breaking or being hard to push close.

No they do not have to be decorative.

Have yet to check out the stainless steel in BB&B

I was looking at Pflatzgraf but they are very cagey on their website about where its made- somehow I think if it was made in the US they would put it right out there.
"The brand has remained in York ever since. "
That quote, following this long story about the family business in New York is followed by....
In 2005 Pfaltzgraff joined the family of Lifetime Brands, Inc. Lifetime Brands is a leading designer, developer and marketer of home products by some of America's best known and most respected brands including Farberware®, KitchenAid®, Cuisinart®, Hoffritz®, Calvin Klein®, Wallace®, Towle®, Sasaki®, Joseph Abboud and a host of others.

Jen - if you check back would you mind measuring the opening of your largest Fiestaware? The website says 9/24 tall and its certainly taller than wide so I suspect its not that big an opening? Be nice if I were wrong.

My cup measuring scoop (well I have several) is a "cuisipro" and the cup is 4" long.


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Well after I posted I sent Pfalzgraf an email asking specifically where their products were made and here it is 7:30 pm and I got a reply- seriously impressed with their promptness. I am curious which products aren't the "most" ones. Even more so, I wonder how long ago they were made in the US? Maybe ebay?

The Pfaltzgraff Company, like many other companies, participates in the global economy. This allows us to remain a competitive force in the tabletop industry.

Most of our products are made in China. Regardless of manufacturing location, uniform quality standards apply.

If you are still interested in purchasing an item you may provide us with an item number and we will gladly provide you with any information available. Thank you very much for your request, and enjoy your evening.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to call Customer Service at 1-800-999-2811 between 8 am and 9 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday.

Pfaltzgraff Customer Service
**Please include e-mail history when responding to this e-mail.**

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