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jasperdogJanuary 22, 2012

We purchased a Miele floor model W&D in November. There were multiple scratches and dents that we were told would be repaired so we were willing to go for it. I figured, buy the extended warranty, and even though they were used in the showroom to wash laundry from kitchen demos, etc. we should be covered. So since it took 2 months before they finally delivered them one would expect them to look like new right? Wrong! I don't know what was going on for 2 months, but it wasn't repairs. I almost didn't except delivery, but I figured I'd except the delivery and work it out with the sales person. Needless to say after a conversation on the phone I won't be making any future purchases from that individual. Her loss as we still have a whole kitchen to outfit. In the mean time, I am giving her manager the opportunity to do what they had promised in the first place. My husband finally broke down and hooked them up. They work great. So for $3000 I have a T9800 dryer with minimal cosmetic damage, A W4840 washer with moderate to significant cosmetic damage depending on your personal scale, a pair of pedestals (one with significant drawer damage), and a 5 year warranty.

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I would not have accepted them in the first place. I would have been on the phone with the manager while the installers were in my driveway.

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Well, it took a while and we had to go to the owner of the company, but the washer now has new skins and a new pedestal and while there are still a few minor blemishes on the washer and dryer, the washer looks a million times better then it did. Hoorah! And they work wonderfully.

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Sorry you had to go thru this, but maybe I am the only one willing to say, what I have a feeling many of us are thinking.....$3000 for a W4840 and T9800 set with damages is a horrible price!!! Way too expensive. I wouldn't have accepted them for that price, if they were NEW with dents and scratches, but they were used. Why were you willing to pay so much for used machines?

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