New samsung wf405 washer pump questions

sweetmindy805January 11, 2013

Hi there. I am new to the forums and find this site very helpful. We just bought a wf405 samsung. We've had front loaders before but I have a question. The pump runs during the wash and rinse cycle, but off and on. The speed spray jet does not work when this noise is heard, but does work during the cycles it's supposed to come on. Is the pump running because of the power foam? Because I don't see any water being added or sprayed when I hear the pump run. But the speed spray does work. So I don't think anythings clogged. Also there is a nossle on the far left, but I don't know what that ones for. Any info helps. It drains and spins fine


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Figured out the pump noise is the power foam. The pump circulates the water and detergent under the tub and some foam or suds come up through the holes. Phew!
Now I've used the sanitize feature a few times. But it pauses at 41 minutes or about 20 minutes. Is this to heat the water?

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I am interested in purchasing a Samsung wf405 as well.Do you think the machine uses enough water during the rinse cycle? Is the water level similar to the water level in the SEE THE SPEEDSPRAY DEMO on Thanks.

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