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jeanennemorphisDecember 18, 2004

I am in the process of purchasing a washer and dryer and have read most of this board, CR, Epinions and every other review board I can find in the last week. One thing is for certain, people seem passionate about their laundry equipment, a very surprising thing to me. I just see it as a means to an end. I hate doing laundry and dishes.

I found the Kenmore, WP, Kitchenaid, Frid., and other larger capacity machines very deep for my counter space and narrow laundry room. I can't stack them because of my upper cabinet. It is just my husband and I so not big loads necessary even though I tend to procrastinate to where I have nothing to wear and then have piles of catching up to do. The thought of some big honking washer sticking out even further in the room than my existing TL is driving me to the smaller Euro models.

There is a lot to read and so many opinions. It appears that most people with FL are thrilled with their cleaner clothes but some have real issues with tangled clothes, noisy spin cycles, odor problems and of course mechanical problems. How many of us can try out all the models so we can compare them? I sure can't. So it is all based on prior experience and most of us come from one or two TL washers in the last ten years.

The Miele sounds like the best machine on the market and I love that stainless steel look. It is priced at 2100 dollars where I live and I suppose I can live with that (ouch). I can get the white one for 200 less. But the matching dryer in the super capacity is 1699 in SS and 1499 in white!!!!!!!!!!! So what is the justification for the dryer price? What on earth makes this cost so much more than anything else on the market? I cannot imagine. The large capacity is 400 less than the super capacity but it is smaller and I'm afraid of wrinkled clothes. I am pushing it as it is. Those of you who looked at these and either bought them or decided not to buy them, how did justify the price of the dryer?

I would like a matched set. That is why I'm looking at the Bosch Axxis but I've heard the spin cycle is like a jet engine going through the house. It appears to be a second choice only because of that. I'd like the Miele but not sure what makes this so much better due to the high cost of the dryer. I know it will last forever but so did my laptop and I had to dump it because it was outdated. With the changing technology, this will probably be obsolete before it wears out. Thoughts would be appreciated


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I love my Miele washer and dryer. I don't have the super capacity and I don't have wrinkled clothes! Of course I am would assume that you would be looking at getting the large capacity washer with the corresponding large capacity dryer. It wouldn't make sense to get a super capacity washer and expect everything to fit in the large (smaller) capacity dryer.

One of the things I especially love about my Miele dryer is that there is NO static. The instructions say you must NOT use those anti static sheets because they clog up something and also you don't need to.

There are major differences between the European dryers and the North American dryers. The European technology is far superior. The North American dryers design seems to have frozen in the sixties or perhaps even before that.

I don't understand your comment about changing technologies and the dryer becoming obsolete??? If the North American dryers manufacturers can get away with continuing to use such an old design, your Miele dryer will be decades ahead . I would not worry about that at all. Unless your friends are really snobs and say to you in a few years time, hmmm how come you don't have the new Platinum dryer. BTW, a dryer is not a laptop.

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I'm really interested in this unit.I'm just worried about the little porthole door. I have a bad back which is why I want a TL , or maybe Asko that has the door that hinges on the bottom.I really like the Neptune door , just wish it were hinged from the bottom.

Is it hard on your back pulling clothes out of that little port hole?Do you drop much stuff on the floor when you transfer the wet cloths to the dryer?

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