New system has a leak

RoncdcMay 31, 2012

I have a 1 year old Payne system that has a leak, tech was here today and put about 4 lb of 410 in it9 about 50% fill). The fittings were clean and he said probably the coil or condenser is leaking, though at the condenser he was able to tighten all the valves a bit( but said that was probably not enough to lose all that 410). So now I am scheduled for a leak test is this the best next step? With so much leaking out was it good to recharge it? I paid 400 today , the leak test is 250 and labor on a new coil is 1000, I assume condenser is same. I was going to wait till the leak test then call payne to complain, I only have parts warranty. thanks

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Leak should have been located! Was dye included with the freon? Good techs who care about their job can find leaks. Bad techs just don't give a sxxt. You are being taken advantage of. Sorry just the truth!

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tigerdunes couldn't be more right - you are being taken for a ride.

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What month was the system installed? Did you get to use it for parts of two seasons?

Don't assume it is Payne's fault.The leak could be a result of a bad installation. I doubt if this company will ever admit doing anything wrong based on how they have acted so far.

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Let's face it. Payne is low end.

Regardless whether it was equipment or install related, this leak should have been found especially when it appears this was a major leak on relatively new HVAC.


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I agree completely. This is an unfortunate situation for the OP.

This is the reason I always recommend paying for an extended labor warranty for a new install.

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Quality HVAC is a better answer than an insurance policy to cover the junk that exists in the HVAC residential marketplace.

And these third party warranty companies are a big part of the problem!

Everyone should know the chicken salad anecdote.


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I would think the equipment would come with a minimum 5 year parts warranty at least. I would check Paynes web site or contact the manufactor to be sure. Also, did you contact the company that installed the unit or was the guy today from another company? I would think there should be at least a 1 year labor warranty when you install a unit.

Hope this helps

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You are defintely being taken for a ride any comptent tech should have equipment to locate a leak.

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I once used a company that charged $45 to wave an electronic leak detector around in addition to their basic $79 diagnostic fee. I don't use them anymore.

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Has the source of the leak been found?

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