Moldy Fisher-Paykel washer

vatmarkNovember 29, 2008

This is what my Fisher-Paykel washer looks like. It has been 8 months since the last time we had to take the whole thing apart to clean. Never again.

My husband said that we will ditch this piece of junk next time we need to clean it again which will probably be in another 6 months.

I am so disgusted.

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I have owned a GWL10US since 8-2001. I never had an issue until the past two years, since I moved in a very poorly insulated home, live in a very hot & humid climate, and have poor water quality. Most of the time this occurs if the wash is not taken out of the washer relatively soon after it is washed. I do most laundry warm/cold. Occasionally hot. However, it doesn't take much to heat up the water here most of the year. I have had to adjust how I do laundry...less loads more often, so that I can immediately put wash in dryer. I have also had to clean the agitator more frequently, have noticed the development of mold for the first time ever...but I believe it has nothing to do with the washer. It's the plumbing, water quality, and climate. Yes, I am looking to move. I have also always used dry detergent and stopped using liquid softener back in 2001 (didn't like to have to constantly keep cleaning the small top "bowl." Anyhow, such has been my experience. I'm sorry for your troubles. What a mess!

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I feel for you! We are going through the same thing with our Maytag Neptune that we bought about 5 years ago. We've been battling stinky towels for 2 years now. Used the Allfresh, other stuff, nothing really helps. We're going to junk it and buy a regular soon as I can figure out which one!

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