Whirlpool Washer 8500 & 8400 Mystery Solved

sgooterNovember 1, 2007

I've been lurking here for a few weeks as way to learn all I can about the latest washers & dryers since we need new ones. Today I spoke with Whirlpool about the status of the 8500 and 8400-series washers & dryers: WP discontinued production on the 8500 washers and dryers several months ago in order to eliminate redundant manufacturing. The only difference between these two series is the trim color. The new 8400 washer and the older 8300 washer (no heater) both match up with WP's 8300-series dryer. By shutting down the 8500 line, WP has simply streamlined their production. Now WP makes only the 8300 series dryer for both washers, and they all have the same front design and trim color.

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I am looking at possible new w/d. What do you mean by the 8300 having no heater? Thanks

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