European washers in the USA

babcoNovember 30, 2004

Just found this on the web :) :) WOW what a lot of information!

I am leaving Germany in February after providing health care to US Army Soldiers for the past year. Politics aside it has been a very rewarding experience not to mention -- I have loved my front loader. As I begin my preparation to ship home I an looking into the possibility of bring quality European front loader back a to the USA.

The best value appears to be an AEG Lavalogic with digital controls (in English and several other languages). But many Miele units are available too, with slightly higher prices.

My concerns are:

--- will I be able to get parts/service

--- will the 60Hz current be a problem on a machine built

for 50HZ.

--- Will it be possible to get a manual in English

--- Is a Miele worth the 10% additional price

Any information/advice would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


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This is the "Gallery" section of the Laundry Room Forum... to be sure people read your post, please use the main "Discussions" area.

Also, please note there are already responses to your original question in the AEG thread, linked below. Since these Forums only hold a limited number of threads, it's best to keep posting to an existing discussion, so that new "duplicate" threads don't push other topics off the list unnecessarily.

I'm still unclear whether you *own* a FL washer already, or are planning to buy one... please follow the link below, scroll down to the recent posts where you originally asked your question, and provide further information. Yes, AEG and Miele washers are great, but they're both available in the States in the proper 60Hz configuration, so you don't need to do a gray-market import yourself.


Here is a link that might be useful: AEG Washers/Dryers - main Forum

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