LG Dryer DLG7188RM question

trlyzaSeptember 16, 2007

Hi there,

I'm new to this forum and was hoping I can get some guidance on the dryer I purchased a few months ago.

First....Just a little story as to why you never leave your dryer running if you aren't home....When we bought our condo, it had the original washer & dryer which was probably about 18 yrs old. I was waiting for the day one or the other would break down. The dryer drum would only turn off when you manually turned it to 'OFF', otherwise the drum was always on even if the door was open. The button to tell it to go off when the door was open was broken. Not very safe, I know, but I got used to it and got quite good at grabbing the spinning clothes if I didn't feel like turing it off. One day I am taking a load out of the dryer and right after it was empty I was putting in a load of sheets to dry... As I go to leave the room, I notice the dryer starts smoking from underneath. At first I wasn't sure what I was seeing. I then realize it's the dryer, so I quickly turn it off. I see a little more smoke before it subsides. Surely it could of lead to a fire if I wasn't standing there to stop it. Please be careful if you have an older dryer becuase these things really DO happen....

This was my excuse to get my very first new appliance ever. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I ended up getting the LG Cherry Red Model# DLG7188RM. I had ordered a T/L dryer, Kennmore I think, but canceled it after re measuring the width of our space. The new dryer wouldn't fit with the matching washer which I would be getting after our wedding. Wedding came and went and the matching washer is coming tomorrow (LG model# WM2487HRM)

Anyone have this dryer? I am having trouble drying certain items. I have a honeycomb design blanket. I put it in on the Heavy Duty selection and I increase the dry time to the max. The dryer will turn off before it's even half dry. I turn it on again and it does the same thing with quitting before it's dry. Am I doing something wrong with how I am selecting the setting or is something else wrong? This happens with other items too, but it's more apparent with the heavier items. I am beginning to wonder if the sensor isn't working, or is it user error....?

I appreciate any help with this. Thanks

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