F&P GWL11 Washer( Delicate and HandWash)

ShaneMacSeptember 14, 2004

Hello there, well I just bought my first house with my girlfriend but it does not come with a washer and dryer and found a link to this forum from another website.. not sure where though.

At first I was going to get the Bosch Nexxt Washer and Dryer but finding it hard to spend the money on them... are they really worth it. Wather is dirt cheep here at .002 cents a gallon.

My next option was to get a good top loader, the GWL11 and the Kenmore Elite Dryer 6490? Would save me around $1000 cdn. Where this all leads to is my girlfriend wants a handwash cycle but the GWL11 is not listed as having one, it does have delicate and perm press. Is delicate considered the same thing as a handwash?

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Sorry I posted in the wrong spot, this can be deleted.

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I just received my GWL11 last week and that was alos a concern of mine. I use the delcate cycle for clothes I want clean that say "handwashable". I haven't had problems so far. I will say that I will use a laundry mesh bag for some delicates.( hose, bras, some slips, etc.) I also fasten the closures on bras before washing to keep the hooks from snagging. You can push a button to keep the washer from spinning and then remove handwashables for drip drying.
Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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GWL11 Delicate cycle should be acceptably-gentle for handwashables. The more expensive F&P IWL12/16 does have a specific Handwash cycle which is very gentle indeed, but I can't say how it compares to the GWL11's Delicate.

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