Miele 'setting-up' photos!

JaniceJuly 19, 2005
Get a load of the length of this bolt!!!

With all this well documented--what do you think we forgot?? The locknuts were not tightened down!!! This thing isn't moving, positionally, there is some vibration but no movement, yet! But, they have to be tightened! Do you have any idea what I put those poor guys through to lift a 200 lb. machine up 22"??? What was I thinking!

But--now--that front lip/rim we added is glued and screwed in! Sooo--they will have to lift that "baby" up to get at the back left corner foot! Slump!! And--the "clips" weren't in to be installed either! Slump-slump!

I feel so badly for these guys--they were really nice and I think this may have been one of the first Miele they've installed. This place has just started carrying that line!! I feel awful for them to have to lift this again!!

The good news, page two is that it runs like a dream! I mean you can hardly hear it! It just purrs!

The other concern I have is that the first cycle the guy ran for us was a "normal/warm" cycle. After he did that, I put in a load with the same setting, but no detergent, to see if I had excess in our clothes from before. It wasn't apparent that we did, but they came out seemingly clean. I ran another load, cotton/whites on "ExtraWhite/extended/soak/very warm" and it took 3 hours but, what concerns me is, that my husband was reading the manual and it states that the very first cycle run has to be "Extra White/hot" no detergent, or the subsequent loads will always require more detergent!!!???

Soooo, what have I done now???


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WONDERFUL pictures! Awesome! WOW, I am jealous!! Really, I love my Duets, but OMG that thing is SOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!
It is great to see the pictures--thank you for posting them! Again, what a beautiful machine!

Regarding the 1st wash, I would call the Miele Customer Service or Installation hotline and ask about the first cycle. If the delivery guys really screwed up, they may need to replace the machine. After all, you are giving them valuable experience and teaching what they need to know to have satisfied customers in the future! Anyway, the Miele people should be able to explain it to you.

Your cat is so amazing! What kind is it? Gorgeous! My cat is black (acts iike he may be part Bombay: auburn highlights, follows me, gets into everything, knocks things off shelves, affectionate) -- but I don't know what his main mix of breeds might be since he is from the Humane Society.

Your washer is beautiful and looks so nice on the pedestal! Aren't you glad now that the other one didn't work out? You probably would have liked it, too, but your "replacement" was definitely a "step up" ! (pardon the pun!!)

Keep us updated, OK? I want to get vicarious pleasure regarding my "dream machine" even though I really am very happy with my Duets.


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Oh thank you CL! I know I would have been happy with the He4T or the Duet pair as well, if I could have gotten one delivered in good shape--but that was looking doubtful!

I love your machines, especially with the accessory "cat" included. Mine came with an accessory cat too! Mines a Seal Mitted w/blaze Ragdoll! I have a very long story I have shared with others about how the Lord blessed me with getting him! If you or anyone would be interested, just let me know and I'll make my email available and we can do it!

Thank you again for ALL your help!!

My third load came out really clean--white capris that were very soiled came out bright and white with no stain treatment!

I'm happy!!!
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Yay Janice!!!

Absolutely wonderful machine and setup! How are you finding it? I tell you, I bet you'll grow to love it... I have done even more with my Miele :-). I wouldn't worry about the delivery guys not running the hot cycle first -- this is only to rinse out any remaining residues in the drum, but to be honest the Normal/Warm option should have done that enough. However it still wouldn't hurt if you could put it througha nother wash - but don't worry, as it would not have damaged your machine at all :-).

I'm really glad the Miele worked out for you! It seems that fate destined you to have a Miele, so be glad that your previous Duets were faulty :-). (It was Duets, wasn't it?).

What is it with cats and washers? My nana's cat likes to sit on the door glass while the washer is in the spin cycle! God knows why, LOL!! But yes - your cat is beautiful Janice and complements the Miele greatly - just as CL's match her Duets :-).

Have many many many years of happy washing with your Miele - have you given him a name yet? LOL.

Take care!!

Jon :-)

PS - Feel free to send that story to me. Will love to hear it!! :-)

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Hi Janice glad to here your washer arrived. You will love it we have had ours for a month and love it. They are super quiet and clean really well. Dont worry with not running a full wash when they delivered it, with ours the manual stated we needed to run a full cotton universal cycle and calibrate our drum as my machine weighs the load as you fill, the installers have short cuts as I called Miele to see if they had installed it correctly and they assured me that this was ok. Also FYI you really dont need to run such a long wash unless you have yellowing whites a good 60C wash will clean your whites. How long does a normal wash take to complete? Enjoy your machine!

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Hey Janice
I been reading your thread for some time now. I love you sense of humour great story too, glad it ended well. Just have one question what dryer are you going to use with your new Miele? you never mention anything about it ever.

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Jon--Thank you for your encouragement and obviously shared excitement with me over my new Miele!! I know I am going to really love it--the affection has already begun--no name yet, however!LOL I'll have to think on that one! Hmm, how about "Millie-Miele"?? Kinda works don't ya think!! Oh, and I loved seeing your laundry area as well--I know you love those machines--it really shows!

BTW, Jon--I'm kinda worried about you folks "across the pond" these days! Are you in any of the areas that are being targeted? We woke up to the scare going on over there again, this a.m.! Be careful--it is fast becoming a very dangerous world to live in!

Oh, and I'll get the "story" to you, in a bit! It's on another computer in the house and I'm rushing in and out here quickly right now. I had constructed a response-post yesterday but somehow it didn't "post" here! I'm wondering where it did post! It could look kinda weird if it shows up on the Hosta Forum, another one I haunt!! LOL

Frontloader--so glad to hear from "down under"! I bet you are loving your new Miele more and more everyday. Thank you for encouraging me also not to worry that I've ruined our new "baby-Millie"! :O) A normal cycle runs "59" mins. to be exact. I ran a "sanitize" load, last night but didn't have the nerve to crank it up to the Max "hot", just "extra-hot" and we could hardly touch the glass it was so hot. I can't imagine it being hotter and having little children be able to touch it, and ever want to do it again! Once would be enough for sure!!

Mike--I'm glad I made you smile, maybe?? I don't have a great sense of humor but the later it gets the more "slap-happy" I tend to get, it seems. My husband and two daughters are the real "funny" ones. I try and they just tell me to forget it, that I don't "have it"!!LOL I seem to always carry the joke a tad too far, and then it loses it's charm!! But thank your liking what you see of my humor!! Maybe you read it really late too!!!LOL

The dryer we have is a Fisher Paykel, we purchased about 4 months ago. It is the top loader and we love it. It is located at the opposite end of the house, in the dressing area off of our walk-in closet. I wanted it there in order to unload and hang-up things immediately and fold and put away and iron whatever, right on the spot where they will ultimately wind up. Having to haul a basket of wet laundry is much easier than lugging hangers of things, and baskets of folded things in a separate trip or trips. I love the arrangement. I would have loved the washer in the same area but to plumb for it was way too complex and expensive! So far, it has not been a problem for me at all!!

Again, I thank you all for your kindness and interest!


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Oh yeah Janice the comment about tripping in a pile of laundry and getting burried, ha I laughed out loud. you are funny in your own way I guess and did give me a laugh so thanks for that.

your placement of the dryer is intresting and different but it does make sense to have it that way. I tell you if my ship ever comes in and I'm not waiting for it at the wrong harbor, I'm having a new house built. one thing it will have is a large walk-in closet and I want a washer and dryer in there so I can wash dry fold and put it all away in the place it goes. I am so spoiled by having a laundry chute that I don't have to drag the laundry down to the washer, but I hate carrying stacks and stacks back up to the bed room and closets. so yeah a laundry in my own master suite would be a dream for me.

Great machine hope you enjoy using it many years!

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