Rheem vs. Heil vs. Lennox

SeanJBennettMay 9, 2012


I would like to install central air for my home near Buffalo, NY (~1860 sq. ft), and I would greatly appreciate any opinions.

At present, my choices are (these are prices as installed; BTW, I have a Heil furnace):

Rheem DX1300 (RANL031JD2), 13 SEER, 2.5 ton: $3300

Heil H4330GKD, 13 SEER, 2.5 ton: $3000

Lennox XC14-30-230, 13 SEER, 2.5 ton: $3200

Obviously there is little difference in price, so I am most interested in opinions of these units. Next week I have another company providing additional quotes.

Thanks in advance,


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I will assume you do not have AC now. Correct?

All the quotes include matching evap coil and refrigerant lineset? You do not want a third party evap coil.

Any differences in warranty between the brands on the condenser, compressor, and evap coil. Pay attention to this.

I will assume your existing furnace is not a var speed model. Correct?

Post back.


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stick with same brand that is the best way to go.

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I like to stay with same brand as well. If you have conventional furnace though, it is perfectly fine to go with a basic 13 SEER AC of any brand.

No need though to go with any condenser other than a 13 SEER because you would be paying for efficiency that can not be achieved.

Surprised dealer quoted that particular Rheem and Lennox model. A total waste.

Will have to do further research on the Heil model.


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Hi Tigerdunes: Many thanks for your quick and helpful comments. To answer your questions, I currently do not have an AC, my Heil furnace is not variable speed, and all warranties appear to be comparable. I need to check on the third-party components, though.

The representative who came to my home was from the company that installed the Heil furnace, which we've been very happy with. I was the one who asked about Rheem and Lennox, in addition to Heil. Also, I assume that Heil is similar to, or the same as, Carrier.

Was I wrong to ask about Rheem and Lennox units? Would these not work properly, or as well, with the Heil furnace?

Thanks again,

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You are missing the point I was trying to make on the Rheem and Lennox condensers. The models quoted have the capability of achieving 15+ SEER if paired with a var speed furnace. Since you do not have a var speed furnace, you can not achieve those numbers. So it's like paying extra for something without getting the benefit. You should stick with basic 13 SEER AC condensers with matching evap coils regardless of brand.


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I think the model number on that Heil unit is missing a digit. Following ICP's numbering system, it is probably the H4A330GKD. That would be ICP's "mainline," which is a step above their entry level models. Basically, the upgrades over the entry model are that it adds the steel guard housing, a sound jacket over the compressor, and uses a 2-speed fan motor instead of a single speed. specs are here:

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