single guy needs help in the laundry

lazypupJuly 25, 2004

Okay guys are constantly helping you with the DIY stuff,,maybe one of you can help a single guy with laundry,,,,if the underwear has skid marks,,does it go in the whites or the coloreds?

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DISCLAIMER: I DIDN'T POST THIS, I DON'T KNOW THIS GENTLEMAN, AND I DIDN'T PUT HIM UP TO IT! Now I get to say 'I told you so' to those who gave me grief about resurrecting the last discussion on the topic. :-)

Lazypup - my advice is pre-wash, hot water, whites, using either liquid chlorine bleach or a long wash cycle with oxygen bleach (oxyclean, etc.). You don't say if you have a front loader (preferred) or a top loader (OK but skid marks do better with longer washes).

Also, you posted this question in the 'Gallery' section of the forum which is for pictures. Thanks for not posting those at least, but next time your question may be heeded more appropriately in the 'Discussions' section.


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Wouldn't you want to do a profile wash so the said stain doesn't become set in the fabric?

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Hot water, regular old Clorox. They'll come out.

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