OK to freeze flour?

shirleywny5April 25, 2008

Today I bought 50 lbs of flour in 5 lb sacks. I placed the sacks in plastic shopping bags and placed in my freezer which is getting a bit low this time of year. With all the baking I do, figured I get ahead of the price increases, for the time being anyway. Anyone freeze flour?

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Hey, Shirley, it's nice to see you back!

I freeze whole grain flours all the time, it keeps them from getting rancid. I don't usually freeze all purpose because I use it fast enough, but I'm told that freezing it will keep it "bug free" in addition to storage.

Nope, not enough room in MY freezer for flour, I keep taking stuff out and putting other stuff back in!


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I freeze flour all the time. It really does help keep it from getting weevils and other little flour critters. And, it is just fine to use later.

I have only brought home flour critters ONCE. And, that was ENOUGH!

Once you see the litle flying moth type critters, you know you have trouble, and they can get into EVERYTHING from pasta and flour to you name it!

Supposedly they are just added protien and won't hurt you, but the thought of eating bugs doesn't settle well with me, so I threw out my whole pantry, scoured and santitized it, then started over after a week of letting things settle.

I buy King Arthur flour almost exclusively these days and I have never had a problem and my baked goods turn out better than they ever have.

I do buy some Southern Flours from time to time, like White Lily and store them in the freezer for when I make cakes and things like coffee cakes and doughnuts.

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Actually, the freezer is where I keep my flour with the exception of a few lbs. of AP which I use regularly.


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thanks, folks ....

being a southener, I swear by White Lily flour and cornmeal, which can't be found in my area in Maryland. I've ordered (and frozen) White Lily Corn meal with great results. However, for some unknow reason, I didn't think about freezing flour -- thought it'd pick up too much moistured.

Thanks to all of you, I can now have my fave flour on hand.

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I freeze my flour, (actually all types of grain meals) but seal in plastic to prevent it from picking up moisture and flavors from anything that might be lurking around in there. Being single and not much of a baker I don't use it up fast enough to leave a lot on the shelf.

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Yep. I freeze any grain that comes into the house for at least three days to discourage any univited "guests" fro mhatching. if I know it's going to be a while until I get to use the grain, it stays in the freezer. I double wrap it (or break it down and use the food vac on it) to avoid condensation (from open/cosing the freezer and keep it from picking up that freezer smell. (I don't have a separate freezer, so I sometimes notice the fridge smells "migrate" to the freezer.

And I completely agree with you about White Lily. IMO, it's the only flour that makes a "proper" biscuit or scone.

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I know this thread is about freezing flour (which, like others, I do all the time) but after White Lily flour had been mentioned, I have to comment. I have tried so many other brands of flour to make biscuits, but NO OTHER BRAND EVEN COMES CLOSE TO MAKING OUTSTANDING BISCUITS LIKE WHITE LILY DOES!! With White Lily self-rising flour, it is hard to fail! With White lily, my biscuits always turn out to be flaky and light and delicious! Unfortunately, I can no longer get White Lily flour here where I live, so I have to order it on line and put the extra bags in the freezer.

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Me too, I freeze flour and other grains, except for my AP flour.

What's odd is that here in the Dallas area I haven't been able to find White Lily Flour, either. What's up with that, is Dallas not Southern enough? I've not tried it, but I'd like to.


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I freeze all flour - the only flour not in the freezer is whatever is in my canister at the time. Like another poster above, all it took was one time when I had creatures in the flour, to make me sold on keeping flour in the freezer. I'm told that bay leaves will also help keep critters out.

I also freeze rice, pasta, and even some pasta mixes. Then again - I have a 14.0 cu ft chest freezer, so I have a lot of space in my freezer. The door shelves of my side-by-side also contains flour - open and in big zippered freezer bags.


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I freeze flour ALL the time now unless I am going to use it VERY quickly. With the humidity here - bread and all does not do well sitting out or in the pantry.

After buying my first bread machine and buying "bulk" quanity of flour I learned the hard way. Almost everything in my pantry had to be thrown away due to moths/worms and such. It was awful. NEVER again!!!

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Sally, I think Texas is sort of like Maryland and Kentucky -- they move in and out of being "southern" depending on whose making the map. :) I grew up in NC and at that time we sort of considered Maryland "north" and Texas "Western". :)

White Lily does ship, but you have to buy quite a bit to make the shipping worthwhile.

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If you can't find White Lily, some other brands of bleached Southern All-Purpose flour are: Martha White, Gladiola, and Red Band. - Grainlady

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Can someone tell me how you package uncooked rice for freezing?? Do you freeze in original package or wrap tightly and put it in zip locks or what? We donÂt eat it often I am always afraid it will have gone bad. Sometimes I will cook an entire package and freeze it in 1 cup packages for when I just need a small amount and that works out good.

Thank, Claudia

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