Duet with Cat

catlover_ksJuly 15, 2005

This are pictures of my cat in my Duet dryer.

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Hi CL - It looks like your W/D placement is reverse most that I've seen, i.e., washer on left and dryer on right. Does this create a problem with your doors colliding when you're moving clothes from washer to dryer? I'm only asking because I don't know which side the washer is on in the new house we're buying. We are moving out of state and have only seen the house once. At this point, I don't even remember where the linen closets are located or if they even exist!


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Yes, for some reason they are reversed. I didn't know this when I bought them.

When they were delivered, I mentioned it to the delivery/installation guys and they said they could still install them the other way by using a longer dryer vent tube to get to the vent opening, and by using longer washer hoses to get to the water hook-ups. Actually, I think they could have done it without even getting any extra supplies because they had a long length of the dryer vent and the hoses would have reached, too. I decided not to do it because I didn't want to risk any potential problems with possible movement or blockage of either the hoses or the vent. This was probably unfounded; they said they had done it before and acted like it was no big deal. Since the laundry room is over an unfinished part of the basement I am sure it would be easy to "fix" the location of the vent opening if I really wanted to do so.

However, it really has been fine. I was worried about the doors knocking against each other and getting scratched but that hasn't happened & hopefully it won't. I started out by putting clothes from the washer into a hamper and then closing the washer door, opening the dryer door, and putting the clothes into the dryer. However, now I just throw the clothes from the washer to the dryer across the top of the doors!

The delivery guys also told me that there was a kit I could order to reverse the dryer door. Actually, the kit COMES WITH the dryer! So the door can be reversed at any time. In fact, I am pretty sure that this is illustrated on the DVD that comes with the Duets as well. I seem to remember watching it and deciding not to bother. But if you or someone in your family likes to do stuff like that, it looked quite simple, just a little tedious.

I took the pictures last night. They were not "posed" -- I was getting clothes out of the dryer and was almost done when my cat jumped in! Guess he liked the warm clothes and the enclosed space. I agree--If I had little kids who might shut the door I would be a little worried. Maybe put something there so the door could not be closed all the way.

Do you know that the Duet control panel can be locked so your kids can't accidentally start the machine? This is covered in the DVD as well.

Hope this helps, CL

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Can you easily explain how to lock the control panel? We are moving and my DVD is boxed up too. I was quite alarmed one night to hear the babysitter say that the kids were "playing washing machine", meaning my 9 year old was getting in it!!! I get nauseous at the thought of what could have happened if his little sister turned it on. If you cannot describe the procedure, I will dig the DVD out. It isn't worth the worry and I don't want that to happen again. (BTW, I deliberately scared the kids afterward by telling them if something alive goes in the machine and it starts, it will come out dead. No living thing is to go in there. AND I haven't had that babysitter since. Stupid on my kids part to get in there, stupid on her part not to stop them and stupid on my part not to have thought of that beforehand.)

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Press and hold down the End of Cycle button for 3 seconds. To unlock the controls, press and hold down the End of Cycle button for 3 seconds again. (Don't let your children watch you do this!).

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Here is a kind of cool picture of the front of my Duet HT washer.

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I have to say, those are really cool looking machines, CL!! And, I love the "cat in the ha-", no-- that's "Cat in the Dryer"!! Got to write a book to make that one work!!LOL

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Excellent Picture!

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Thanks so much! Believe it or not, it is now the background for my desktop on my computer (it's even BIGGER!). CL

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Back to the doors: You should be able to reverse the dryer door with a few tools and a little mechanical ability.

You may have other reasons why you wouldn't want to do this such as a wall next to the dryer or some other obstruction.

I'm sure they have a web site with information such as frequently asked questions that would help.

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I have a pic somewhere of my cat in my LG Steamwasher. She likes appliances for some reason. She has also been in the dryer and dishwasher!

Always check for kitties just in case. Someone I know killed their cat by not realising it was in the dryer. Very sad.

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