My Laundry area

Louis FeenstraJune 12, 2004

I guess it's time for me to post some pictures. The feature here of posting one picture is not enough for me I'm afraid. So I joined Webshots to share the pictures with the readers here.

The first two pictures show my Miele and my AEG set. At the right is my Miele W715 from the early nineties. The dryer on top of this machine is a Miele T420C, a condenser dryer. This dryer is mostly used in the winter when it's cold outside and it's more economical not to vent outside. At the left is my AEG set, the washer is an Ãko Lavamat 6450, the dryer a Lavatherm 330. I bought this washer used to replace the Ãko Lavamat 625 I had before. I had to replace this washer because it was broken and too expensive to repair.

The third picture shows the small AEG Lavamat 220 toploader I have. This picture is a little older, the toploader stands in front of the old AEG 625. The toploader is on casters and is easily rolled away when I use the AEG frontloader.

The other pictures show how they are connected and the filters. The electricity comes from a switchbox. Originally this switchbox was intended to connect a washer and a dryer to one connection, but I used it to connect the two boxes with sockets you see in picture number 5. These things have connections for both a washer and a dryer. There is a relay that makes there is no more currency drawn than 16 amps. If the washer is heating the water, automatically the dryer is shut off. When the heating element of the washer stops automatically the dryer comes on again.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Here is a link that might be useful: My picture album

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A TRUE laundraholic. Look at that stash of products on top of the machines. I love it!

Great setup Louis!


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Louis Feenstra

Thank you Dave. Yes, I guess I'm a real laundraholic. I added more pictures to my album, they're from the other washers I have but are outside the laundry area.


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Alert... Alert... Alert.

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

The National Washing Service in Fort Worth Texas has issued a Severe Washer Fetish Warning for the following users: foraloysius. People near the affected user are advised to seek shelter immediately. Failure to obtain appropriate shelter may result in nakedness as the cyclone created multiple washers can cause loose articles of clothing to launch themselves into the middle of a wash unexpectedly.

This concludes this broadcast of the National Washing Service. Stations within the broadcast area of foraloysius are requested to repeat this broadcast.

- IT Geek

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Louis Feenstra


BTW, I love your Member page!

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Hi Louis -

Excellent pictures, I really like the setup you have there. It's great to see that you've managed to fit two washers and two dryers in such a compact space, the downside is that you've given me ideas now LOL.

Never seen electrical hookups like that before, is this a common arrangement in the Netherlands? In the UK we just have basic single or twin sockets, and I've never seen outlets fitted with relay switching mechanisms here.

Good to see someone else has a detergent "stash" as well... really, there's nothing quite like trying yet another product and seeing how it compares to the rest!

All the best,


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Louis Feenstra

Hey Kirk,

No, these electrical arrangements are far from normal overhere, except for the switch on the wall. I just did this to connect two washers and two dryers to a hookup that was meant for one washer only.

You're a true laundraholic if you decide to do something with the idea ;-)



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