My Stacked Bosch

sdtripletsJune 8, 2004

Hello, this is a picture of my stacked bosch washer dryer. I got them about a month ago and I love them. We live in a very small Southern California house. The previous owners had a Kenmore TL Super Capacity washer dryer outside. They had built an ugly box to put them in. My husband and I researched an found that we could convert a small closet for the new washer and dryer. Based on recommendations, size and previous experience we purchased the Bosch Axiss.

We converted the closet and stacked the set. Eventually we will put doors and a cupboard on top, but right now I love it exposed. I do about 2 loads of laundry a day and the doors would get in the way right now.

We are also having a carpenter come in to convert the nearby cupboards into pull out hampers and a drawer for laundry detergent. This idea is one we got from Luna.

Hope you enjoy and it give you ideas. Thanks, SDTriplets

Image link:

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I also wanted to inlclude the plumbing and the flooring, but it would not let me do more than one picture. Sorry.

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This looks like it's workin' for you! Don't you just love having this where it's handy? Great Job.

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It looks great. I checked out your picture of the plumbing too. Where/how is the dryer vented?

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You will notice that there is a round hole drilled in the floor. Our dryer is vented using that hole. The hose goes under the house, into our crawl space, and then pointed outside.

Hope that helps.


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