Bosch Axxis Undercounter

mustangs81May 31, 2004

You have seen these pics before but Jessy suggested that I add them to the Gallery.

Thanks Spike and Jessy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Undercounter

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Nice laundry room you got there. I like the idea of the contains with the spoons.

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I love your laundry room. It's fun to personalize and you've done it very well!

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Thank you both. I know that this forum is primarily about function, but I tried to fit some form in also.

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Bump! Don't want to lose this one!

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I just LOVE LOVE what you have done in your laundry room! I have cats too, and I especially like the idea of the litter box being disguised. You helped me finalize my decision to get the Bosch washer/dryer. Please keep this post going!

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I was going to add my Laundry Room to the Gallery but since my machines are also the Bosch Undercounter I thought I'd just add on here. Hope you don't mind, Mustangs.

Countertop: Golden Leaf Granite
Flooring: Travertine
Backsplash: Copper Sheeting
Sink: 30" copper sink for
Faucet: Purchased from Tivoli faucets on ebay
Cabinets: Jim Bishop Cabinetry
Light: 2 in room by Progress Lighting (seeded glass)
Paint: Farrow & Ball "French Grey" (not minty in person)

The light is reflecting off the copper onto the walls. Doesn't appear this "bright" in person.

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Allison, Jump right in.

Beautiful!! The copper sink and fixtures are amazing. I would love to have that much space in the laundry room.

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I'm just curious. What are the dimensions of that room?


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CR, it's 14.5'x7'. We added 2 feet to that end of the house so the Guest Room and Sunroom would be larger. The architect had the w/d on the end wall, but I wanted everything on one wall. I leave the door open all the time so pets can access food/litter box and it is right off the kitchen/back hallway so I wanted it to be functional yet pretty.

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Love that laundry. I'm in the process of installing my new bosch washer and dryer into a new laundry/ half bath, and have planned to have them behind the cabinet doors. I'm wondering now how exactly we are going to do that after seeing yours. They do stick out just a bit from the other cabinets. Is that because of the plug? Thanks for an answer in advance.

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Not because of the plug but the dryer vent hose. Our hole for the dryer vent was actually installed behind where the washing machine is...but DH thinks it wouldn't have made any difference, it would have stuck out even if it were behind the dryer.

If you want to put your w/d behind doors, you might consider bringing all of your cabinets out from the wall several inches so that the w/d fronts are even with the cabinet fronts.

I had my countertop installer come back to remeasure after w/d were installed so that the counter would come out over the top more than if the counter were one depth. That would have bothered me day in/day out! I believe they cut the granite 2 inches deeper over the w/d.

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I am placing the washer on one side of a cute little apron front sink, and the dryer on the other. I will have the plug in the cabinet under the sink ( hole drilled through side of cabinet for access)and the turn off valves there too. The vent will go through the wall directly behind the dryer into my china cabinet in the next room and from there out......tricky. All this because I am trying to make this room more like a half bath than a working laundry room.I'm hoping this will do it. Once again, I love your room.

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We have turn off valves behind the w/d...plumber wasn't listening to the words coming out of my mouth...and a second set in the storage room directly below laundry room. Much easier to turn off down there in an emergency. Under the sink got crowded with a cut offs for the sink and an outdoor faucet or we would have installed them there.

Hope it works all out for you! Thanks again, Allison

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Training early.

Now if he could only read the I made for DH.

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Bumb up for the person on the Discussion side who was looking for completed laundry rooms.

The gallery gets bogged down with questions and the pictures get lost.

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