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hardwarehackMay 29, 2004

Excellent! Another great new area on THS for sharing info. Let me add my voice to Jessy's, and say THANK YOU, SPIKE, for making this happen! This Forum section should make it much easier to explain, i.e. *illustrate*, a number of the issues that arise when designing and/or installing a laundry center... and will also be a much simpler solution for posting general photos than trying to edit and stuff everything into the FAQ. (Per my email discussions with a number of other Forum members, work on the FAQ sections is in fact still active, I just haven't had much time over the past year for Forum postings. Copies of all interesting threads and photos continue to be saved to my hard drive though, so one day the FAQs will again begin to grow, with all this great info!)

Anyway, to get this thread (and new Forum section!) started, here's an image I took awhile back, of the plumbing connections in my laundry closet. I have two Euro-size FL washers, an AEG 88840 and an Equator EZ3600CEE, and both share a single set of standard water hookups.

Note the homebrew brass Y-splitter, which provides cold water to both washing machines - the Equator 3600 is fed via the standard black hose, while the AEG 88840 is fed through the flood-protection gray hose (the small device on the end of the AEG hose senses any leaks, and cuts off the water automatically in case of trouble).

The AEG 88840 is a cold-fill-only machine, so there's only one connection to the hot water supply, for the Equator 3600.

A question that has been raised several times in these Forum discussions: can two washers share a single standpipe drain? Well, at least in this particular case, the answer is yes! Both the AEG 88840 and Equator 3600 use small "Euro" drain hoses, with a 1" outer diameter, and these will fit together (snugly) in my laundry closet's 2" standpipe drain. Most importantly, both washers pump out slowly enough to permit simultaneous drainage (not wanting a flood, I have of course tested this extensively, to be sure!). So, while this configuration wouldn't work with every type of washer (especially big TLers having high drain flow rates), it's been quite effective with my AEG and Equator.

The surge protector feeding the Equator is a Sutton SX-5000. I also have 240V surge protectors for my AEG set, not visible in this image.

The back of the washing machine in this photo is the Equator 3600. The AEG 88840 is to the left, out of the image frame, indicated by the slope of the upper/left drain hose.

Time permitting, I'll be posting many more images of my laundry setup in the days and weeks ahead. In closing, let me also give a special thanks to Louis, and the others in the early Appliances Forum threads several years back, for posting suggestions and ideas and photos of a multiple-washer laundry closet. I, too, can now officially testify that "parallel processing" rules! :)


Here is a link that might be useful:

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That should read "Sutton ZX-5000" in my last post...

Again, I'll also be sure to post images of my 240V (Electronic Specialists) surge protectors, which are currently providing clean power to my AEG W&D.


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Here's a pic of my AEG fill hose...

You can see the AquaStop device on the end which automatically shuts off water at the pipe if it senses a leak within the water pipes.


BTW Tom - is there any chance of pics of all your laundry machines, and your laundry room?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi Jon!

Yes, I definitely plan to post more pictures in the not-too-distant future... I've just been swamped with other projects recently (among other things, I may be moving in the next month or two, and have been doing a ton of cleaning and re-organizing here...), so that was the only image I had conveniently available. If nothing else, it should help to answer the question about multiple washers in a single laundry area... :)

I should mention though that I don't actually have a laundry *room*, but rather a long and narrow laundry *closet*... it's wide enough to comfortably hold two machines (or stacks!) side-by-side, and perhaps eventually even three if I stay here and continue to expand, but it's definitely not a walk-in design. My 57700 condenser dryer is presently located on a sheet of fibre board in the hallway, opposite the 88840 washer, draining around the corner into the kitchen sink (actually a reasonably ergonomic setup...).

Btw, your link above seems to be denying me access to the image... am I doing something wrong, or is there an error in the URL?


P.S. Thanks again for your emails and your posts in the other threads... I'll try to redouble my efforts to get caught up on such personal correspondence!

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Hi Tom,

Where are those pictures....

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Hi AppleMac,

Thanks for asking! I had hoped to have the time to finish getting everything organized and take a full series of photos, but unfortunately the logistics of moving have caught up with me. As I mentioned above (and have discussed via email with several Forum members), I'm now in the process of moving to a new residence, and my existing laundry closet is already starting to get packed up, so I'm afraid new photos will have to wait for awhile...

I haven't yet reached a final decision as to exactly *where* I'll be moving (the housing market in SoCal these days is verging on insanity, LOL, but at least all the development gives one lots of choices), but I'm hoping to have enough room in the new place to set up at *least* two washers, perhaps even three!

For now, if I have a little free time, I'll try to post and link a series of photos I took recently, documenting the repairs I performed on my AEG 57700 condenser dryer.

Hopefully enough other people continue posting to this new THS section to keep it open... I haven't seen any activity here for over a week now. Anyone else care to post images and comments, while I'm busy lugging boxes and appliances around? :)


Btw, the link you posted to that AquaStop photo still gives me an "access denied" message... is there some setting you need to change on your image host?


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