Danby FL capacity

JessyFeldm_speakeasyMay 29, 2004

Hey gang! Everyone say a BIG THANKS to SPIKE for adding this gallery! Lets get up pictures of our machines, laundry rooms, specs, anything except your kitchen sinks (that goes in the Kitchen Forum).


Oh yeah, here is pix of my Danby - also posted in the Discussions thread, but now here for when it falls off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Danby webshots link

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Nice pictures Jessy, Do you happen to have any pictures of the control panel?


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Sure looks like a frigidaire...you may want to be carefull when you put that on that wooden pedistal,,looks like your also on a wooden floor, and that could lead to some unwanted vibration in final spin

One last thing, one of your pictures seems to show alot of suds on the front glass,,make sure you don't use to much soap,as it can cause problems,,,REMEMBERGood Luck with your new "Baby"


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Your pictures are a hoot. LOVE the one where you're waiting in the chair to take notes! You've gotta love the laundry forum...

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Latest and greatest modification to my machine. Well, I think it's appropriate! Artistic critiques welcome!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tricked out Danby

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Um... WHY? It's just a washing machine! :P

'04 Danby DWM5500-1
White w/stainless interior
16 miles, er, loads

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Too funny Jessy! I never thought of art on the "machines", that's thinking outside of the box. Although, I did see on an HGTV program yesterday that they painted the machines to match the décor since the laundry room was in an open passageway within the home. It was an upscale decorating job, not a TS type project.

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The Danby holds a LOT of suds too (non-HE Tide experiment)

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