I need advice ASAP about a Trane choice

downsouthMay 9, 2012

We have two homes...we own both of them. The house we are living in now we had new H&A put in and went with what was Trane's best, the XL-16i. We are moving back to our other house and it also needs the H&A replaced. The XL-16i we paid $7800 for in the fall of 2010, it is now $9,600!! I must say we have loved the 16i and have been surprised at the lower utility bills. Our other house has propane and we are going with a heat pump. We decided to go with the XR-15 because it was $6900 although in our hearts, we really wanted another XL-16i.

Our AC company called today with an offer to take the 16i out of our current house and move it to the house we are moving to for $400. They would put the XR-15 in the house we are moving from (which will be rented until hopefully the economy improves.) When I asked the lady at the AC company what she would do if she had to make this decision, and she said she would move the 16i to the house we are moving back to because of the humidity in Georgia, and with the dual compressors, we will have lower bills in the summer month.

The guy is coming out tomorrow to decide where we want to put the thermostat. Could I get your advice, please? Is that another system that might be less expensive that we could put in the house we are moving from? Eventually we will sell this house, but we do want to put the right unit in for the new future owners (house is 1,700 square feet..the house we are moving to is 2,000 square feet.)

Would you just put the XR-15 in or have the XL-16i moved??

If you need any further clarification, please ask. Hope to get some expert opinions.

Thanks, Dee

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I personally don't like the idea of moving units. Asking for trouble. I would just put in an XR-15 to save the money. I don't understand the large increase in price since you had one installed a couple years ago.

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I agree with above post. I also don't like the idea of relocating a system. Did they plan on removing the air handler as well?

What size are you looking at? I assume both the existing XL16i and XR15 are three ton units?

I am glad you are happy with the XL16i. This condenser has a problematic history and is known for poor dehumidification.

I personally would stick with the XR15 with TAM7 var speed air handler, HW VP IAQ thermostat to be set up with dehumidify on demand, and Trane's two stage 7/12 KW heat strip. Dealer will need to check your breaker box capacity. You might consider a whole house air filter media cabinet.

You might also get a quote on sister model AmStd Heritage 15. Just as good as Trane and really about identical to the XR15.

Post back.

Good Luck!

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Moving a condenser is always risky. I am surprised the contractor would make this suggestion. Moving the condenser make affect the Trane warranty.

There is not much saving in energy between a single and dual compressor condenser. The dual compressor is designed for better comfort and lower humidity.

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You can get good humidity removal with the variable speed blower.

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We love the 16i and had it moved to our other house. It's a 4 ton and they had to install another return. So far, everything is working great at both houses.

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Glad it's worked out for you. Stil a dumb idea and something to be said about not being sized correctly for either home.


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