He4 slightly tinted doors on white machine

CarolRamonaFebruary 4, 2005

Both my He4t white on white washer and He4 white on white dryer now have the slightly smoked windows instead of the black doors and have a much better look, in my opinion.

I ordered the following parts from http://www3.sears.com. The lens for the dryer is sold separately - it is #13 on the parts diagram provided with the dryer. I ordered part # 8545878 (13A) for $46.49. The lens for the He4t washer is not sold separately, but the lens for the He3 is, and it fits the He4 door. It was #19 on the parts diagram for model # 110.42922202. I found it as part # 8181896 (19A) for $71.99. Shipping, handling and tax increase the amount!

The lens for the washer arrived with one of its tabs partially broken due to poor packing, but it fits tightly in the frame anyway. The technician said that invariably the tabs will be broken in shipping. That may be why they now glue them to the outer frame and sell them as one unit.

For the washer, the door does not need to be removed, just opened. The technician removed the two screws for the door lock, and than the screws in the black part of the frame around the window. The front part of the frame (the white outer rim with the black lens) then comes off. The black lens has some glue around four of the tabs holding it into the frame. It looks like hot glue gun glue, and is not too hard to remove by pushing it around with a dull tool. The black lens should pop out. Actually, mine broke but no harm done because I was not going to use it again. The new slightly smoked lens popped in easily, and then the door was re-assembled.

I have noticed that there is a small section of inner frame near the lower part of the washer door handle visible through the new lens. It is not very noticeable, and of course was not visible through the opaque lens. Right now, I donÂt think it is worth doing anything about it - I am not anxious to take things apart again.

For the dryer, there was no glue to remove. The technician did remove the entire door, but that may just have been because he had to replace the hinge due to the door popping open intermittently. The manual that comes with the dryer, and also the DVD, have clear instructions for removing the door and taking it apart in case the door needs to be reversed. The new lens went in very easily.


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It looks really great!! CL

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