Kenmore OASIS 3.8 Washer Model 28032

joseph123January 3, 2008

Hello all.

After reading and reading so many reviews on the Kenmore OASIS washer and getting a headache, we got one to try out.

Our model is is the 28032 3.8 cu. ft. with agitator (not the 27032 model). Sears gave us a new washer when our old 13 year old Kenmore died.

It has only been 2 weeks, but so far so good. I am not sure if the 28032 model is a new model which fixed some of the problems with the older 27032?

I read many problems listed here, so here is our experience so far after 2 weeks of heavy usage:

Chlorine not dispensing: Works well - I watched it and it sends lots of water through that thing.

Error codes: None so far - everything works.

Tangling of clothes: Yes on large sheets, but this was also true on our old model. Nothing has been damaged nor trapped.

Moving: No! This machine spins like crazy and it is amazingly well balanced and has not moved from it's location.

Clears very well: Yes - I am amazed at how well it cleans with the same detergent as before, the washer just does a better job.

Noise: This is the only item I have to agree with other posters - when it starts spinning, it is noisy and it sounds like a jet taking off. The clothes do come out *very* dry however.

All in all, so far, I am very happy with the 28032 OASIS.

Does anyone know if this model, the 28032 is superior or better than the 27032 model?

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