central air not cooling after addition

rlthomas7May 24, 2011

In the late summer and into the fall, we had an addition put on our home. When the construction was finished we were into heating season, and we use a different heat source than our air. Now that it's getting hot, we've uncovered the central air unit, opened the vents, turned on the air and it's blowing, but not cooling. Is there a magic switch that one of the workers might have hit at some point during construction? I'm going to call our GC in the morning, but it's not now and I thought maybe I could fix this on my own. The addition was not so big that the unit wouldn't be able to cool the whole house, at least after running for an hour or two. Any suggestions are welcome! It's a carrier unit, if that helps.

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Ditto the previous reply, verify that your outdoor unit is running first. If it is, and you're just having warm air recirculate, you could have a number of different issues. First and foremost, make sure you filters (furnance filters, return air filters) are clean. There's some other tips on the issue here.

Hope that helps!

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make certain the compressor is running, not just the top condenser fan. you should be able to hear the difference.

post back and let us know outcome.

Good Luck!

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