Clothes getting stuck under agitator on calypso

pgormleyJanuary 16, 2005

I have a Kenmore Elite Calypso wash motion washer and everytime a small load is washed (socks to jackets) the items will get stuck under agitator. I get no error codes, when load is done I open lid to find my clothes stuck under the agitator. I then have to remove agitator cap unscrew the 8 bolts, lift off agitator base and retrieve articles of clothing that now contain holes in them. I have noticed that once I reassemble back to original state you can lift the agitator up and down about 1". Meaning there is a 1" inch play up and down. Is this ok? Is there something loose? I removed the bottom plate of washer to see if anything can be tighened and cannot see were the agitator is as the motor, belt system sits there. Any help on this would be great. Patrick

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