Is it possible to have 2 thermostats for 1 HVAC

jeanie_bethMay 23, 2012

Is it possible for one to have two thermostats for one small home HVAC system? I would need it so that only one of the thermostats would be usable at any given time.

I have a nice large touch screen programmable thermostat now in my home--I like the programming features & the neat LCD color display.

I have looked at the Wi-Fi thermostats at Home Depot & like the idea of controlling my thermostat while away at work with my phone or Ipad or PC.

Thus, I would like to still use my current LCD thermostat while I am at home, and upon leaving for work every day, to be able to "switch off/disconnect" the LCD one & "switch over" to the Wi-Fi thermostat so I can monitor temp during day from phone/Ipad, and then switch back when I get home.

Is this possible?

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What you describe is not possible.

But if you install a WiFi stat, most have a programmable screen on the wall like your current stat.

Look at the EcoBee Smart Stat

Here is a link that might be useful: EcoBee smart stat

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"What you describe is not possible. "

If you only want one to actually operate the system it is not hard at all.

If you sometimes want both it is harder.

Commercial equipment may have hundreds of thermostats with only one main system.

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