Venting a basement dryer...through the window or concrete block??

susanloewJanuary 11, 2005

We have a basement dryer which the PO never used and was never vented exteriorly. What would be the best way to vent it? Through a basement window? Through cement block in our foundation? How do we go about venting this or who do we hire for such a job? We have tried other interior venting techniques, but our basement is still getting too wet from the dryer. Please help our moist basement.

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If you can't gather enough information from the mfrs. installation instructions to feel comfortable doing it yourself, call a licensed HVAC contractor.

Window exhaust can be an option in some cases, some locales prohibit this though. Do realize that you will need to inspect and clean the ductwork and if leaves were to collect in a window well it could pose a fire hazard.

Also, various birds/critters may find a way to enter through the hood so get a good quality unit with a damper door and do a visual inspection of it a few times a year.

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When we first bought our house, the basement dryer was vented up through the wall to the outside. It was not getting the clothes dry so we had it vented straight out through the concrete block to the outside at the same level as the vent on the dryer. Our plumber said the higher you go with the venting, the less efficient it is. Our plumber did the work. It has made a world of difference. Now our clothes get dry the first time around instead of having to start the dry cycle a second or even third time! Good luck!

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