which (cheap) dryer machine if I buy a FL? and a plethora of Qs

dawyrmJanuary 16, 2006

Greeting, all! Been lurking for couple weeks and know so much more than salesmen do when I go to different stores because of this site. Anyway, few questions, please:

1.) I see so many reviews for washers for not too many for dryers. Danby and Fisher & Paykel seem to be highly regarded, especially for their price. The high-spin makes the clothes dry enough to warrant lower time in the dryer machine. If I don't need to match the dryer to the washer to save money on my purchase, which dryer machine should I get? I keep reading things like 'as long as it has a sensor.' My house (to be) takes a 4-prong electric dryer. Can I have suggestions on a low-priced dryer with a sensor with decent reviews?

2.) I really want to get a Danby, but they're very hard to find in the Washington, D.C. area (per Danby's website). Moreover, the 4 places mentioned are not authorized Danby repairmen. If something happens, I'm not sure who to call. Does anyone know if there's a place in the D.C. area that sells AND services Danby? Especially near Lanham, MD?

3.) If I can't find a Danby, which high-spin washers (FL or TL) are recommended $650 & below? Besides Fisher & Paykel? (I will live at this house for less than 4 years and will not take the W&D w/me when I move, so please don't tell me to drop loads of ca$h on a Miele.)

4.) When I move, I will hold the U-Haul truck an extra day to pick up new furniture, appliances, etc. to save on delivery charges. How difficult is it to install a washer & dryer?

5.) Neptunes (yes, I said the n-word). Are they still bad? I've read a few horror stories. Seems like lots of it had to do with a gasket, but Maytag has resolved the issue. I've been running the other way when I'm at Home Depot, etc. Shall I give them a chance?

6.) Finally... may I have the link for the Lowe's coupon?

I reviewed the forums A LOT, so I hope these aren't 're-runs.'

Whew. Lots of Qs for someone posting for the 1st time. =]

Thanks all!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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