mustangs81April 14, 2014

To engage the Grands (7 & 9), I conduct taste tests on Mondays when get to keep them after school. We discuss the target items to compare cost, taste, size, etc.

Some examples of past tests:
Cheeseburgers: McDonald's vs Burger King
Cheeseburgers Part II: Checkers vs Sonic
Store bought lemonade vs BeauLily made lemonade
Frozen yogurt vs homemade frozen yogurt
Grammy's biscuits vs Popeye's biscuits
Room temperature bananas vs cold bananas

You get the idea.

Today's taste test was Grapples. I wasn't familiar with them but when I saw them I knew it would be perfect for our Monday taste test.

We googled them to see how they were made, learned to pronounce Grapple correctly, considered the cost, reported on the taste.
Beau said they started out tasting like grapes but ended up tasting like an apple. He suggested buying them again.
Lily said they were just okay; her preference was a plain apple.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grapples

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Cathy, that's funny, we just bought "Grapples" a few weeks ago. Bud loved them, but Makayla said they tasted "weird". I haven't seen them again since, and I didn't try one, because I think apples should taste like apples, LOL.


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I'd be more interested if they tasted like peaches. Would they be called Peoples?

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Annie, Interesting that you saw them. Perhaps they have been around and I didn't notice them. But I thought it was a good taste test opportunity.

Karen, I was headed to the peaches and apricots for taste testing when I saw the Grapples. Maybe next week there will be Peoples.

We did taste test Dunkin Donuts vs Krispy Kreme. Mommy didn't like that; too much sugar.

BTW: I'm open for taste test suggestions. BeauLily are starting to ask what are we going to test today.

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I noticed on the video the host didn't mention that other major grape product- wine :-)

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When I first clicked the link I was expecting a genetically engineered fruit like a pluot or something similar. I was not expecting that they just infuse the apples with the grape flavor. We once did a blind apple taste test to see which type of apple we liked best. That may be something fun to try. You could also try any store brand food vs the brand name counter part.

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Cathy, I've never seen them before either, and I didn't notice where they were shipped from, I just picked up a package of three when Bud asked for them at the grocery store.

So, they're probably new, but then again, I could have just never noticed before.

Taste tests? Hmmm. I don't suppose you could interest them in cheese? Cheese food slices vs good cheddar, or something along those lines? Or yogurt covered raisins vs chocolate raisins? Hey, there's dried fruit in there!


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I've seen them Cathy, never bothered to try them I thought they were GMO.

I am happy to hear about you and the grands doing taste tests though, it'll take a year to work your way thru a grocery store! Enjoy your grand babies!


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Annie, one of our taste test was with cheese--cheese sticks vs Amish cheese curds. Cheese curds now are a must for Lily.

They are from Washington state.

I also was surprised that they were infused with grape juice. I have to hand it to Beau--his feedback was that they taste like grapes at first but end up tasting like apples. I have to give him more credit for having discriminating taste buds.

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If no one has nut allergies, you could do a comparison test on different peanut butters? Say Jiff verses Peter Pan.

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Have you done a taste-test on "regular" vs gluten-free pasta? lots of variations to sample there with corn, rice, quinoa, etc!

What about comparing different rices? (jasmine vs basmati, white vs brown, etc)

Definitely should make a batch of root beer using cane sugar and then compare to store-bought soda that uses corn syrup! :p

EDIT: How about a bake-test or candy-making comparison of cane sugar vs beet sugar and then let us all know the results. :) Could also compare butter vs margarine...

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That sounds like a fun afternoon for them and for you. The first thing that comes to mind is homemade marshmallows vs. the packaged ones and cupcakes with canned vanilla frosting vs. a basic homemade vanilla frosting. Coke vs. Pepsi is a taste test that been going on for decades.

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Ruthanna, I have made marshmallows to impress Beau but it has been awhile so that would be a good project! Thanks for the reminder.

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