Help circulate A/C (window unit) throughout opposite ends of smal

jkozlow3May 31, 2011

Hey everyone,

I just moved into a small 400 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment in NYC.

The kitchen is in the center with the living room off to one side and the bedroom on the other (opposite ends of the kitchen). The openings to the rooms are VERY wide, as the entire apartment is basically one open floor plan. There is an 8000 BTU A/C unit in the kitchen and it blows toward the living room side of the house (not the bedroom side). The layout of the apartment really stinks for A/C and a lot of the cold air is directed toward a corner of the kitchen where the refrigerator is no matter how I aim the vents.

Anyway, the A/C has been running continuously the past couple of days and the kitchen gets fairly cold (comfortably so). The LR and BR are at least 4-5 degrees warmer at any given time however (measured with a digital thermometer sitting in each room).

I have a ceiling fan in both the LR and in the BR and I run them whenever I'm in either room for an extended period, switching off the BR fan when I wake up in the morning, etc.

Now, is there a way to help mix the cold air from the kitchen with the other rooms better? Is running the ceiling fan on low in each room simultaneously as good as I'll be able to achieve? Or would it help if I were to place fans on the floor of the kitchen to help push the air toward the other rooms (while the ceiling fan is running)? I could aim a fan at the LR during the day and toward the BR at night. I'm thinking this effort may be largely negated by a ceiling fan though which is probably already mixing the air as much as it can between the rooms which have very wide openings? Does it maybe make sense in my situation to continually run both ceiling fans in the apartment even when I'm only using a single room to help mix the air throughout the entire apartment better vs. just creating a wind chill effect when I'm in the room (which I know is the traditional school of thought)?

Sorry for all the questions - just wondering what my best option is for trying to distribute cold air from the center room of the apartment out to either end in opposite directions (but not necessarily simultaneously since I only need the BR to be cool at night).

Thanks so much!!

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Start out by putting a fan on the floor blowing the cold air from the cool room into the room you want cooler. If necessary, add a large pedestal fan blowing air in the opposite direction towards the ceiling of the cool room. Put the latter fan at the opposite end of the "door".

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