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sorie6December 21, 2008

What do you use to hold your yarn while you crochet or knit? thanks

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I put mine on the couch beside me more often than not. Sometimes I have a canvas bag I keep the project in, and sometimes I use a basket that I lined with bright cotton I glue gunned onto the basket. Bought several baskets after Easter at Michael's for 50% off and use them for yarn and projects.

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I have a number of canvas bags of various sizes depending on the size of the knitting project. But I use a gallon size ziplock to keep a small project like a sock or scarf in so I can pop it in my handbag and take with me if I am going somewhere I can knit while there.

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I use thread and not yarn, but for thread I saved an old cardboard cone that sewing machine thread came on. My husband built a flat base for it. The thread flows off fairly smoothly if you tilt the thread at an angle. Works best of all I've tried so far.

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I wind all my yarn/thread into a ball and place it in a bowl or mug on the floor next to my chair.


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