skipping stitches... question

sharon620December 31, 2008

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!

I have a question about skipping stitches. When a pattern calls for you to skip 2 stitchs should I include the stitich I just went into? I know it is probably a stupid ( and I hate that word) question but I just not sure.

Thanks so much and Have a very healthy and most happy new year!


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sandra_ferguson This site seems to include several crochet instruction sites with videos...maybe one will show you what you need to know.

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Sharon, when the instructions say skip two stitches you do not count the last one you just would skip the next two stitches and then crochet into the third one up. HTH ;o)

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I started this sweater over 12 years ago, got stuck and put it away until I found it again. It is a pattern called Iola Sweater from The Celtic Collection by Alice Starmore. It is a intertwining cable inside a diamond. I am stuck on where the intertwining cable starts inside the diamond. Anybody out there up for a challenge in helping me figure out how to do this? I can scan the section from the pattern and send it to people.

Any assistance will be greatlly appreciated.
Rose Marie Lewis
Menasha, WI

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May I suggest that you do a separate posting with an appropriate heading (Alice Starmore; The Celtic Collection; Iola sweater are a few suggestions). Your question is now posted under "Slipping Stitches" which is probably why you have not received any help.

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