rug hooking

krazyknitterDecember 16, 2007

i am looking for info on rug hooking.any ideas or sites i could look for tks

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You need to be more specific as there are different 'types' of rug hooking, that all may be lumped under the title. There is latch hooking, where short, individual pieces of yarn are pulled through to end up making a sort of shag rug looking may also use a continuous piece of yarn that make loops, in another method....and, you may use strips of wool that you have cut into narrow strips and pull through to also make loops, but of wool fabric not yarn. All produce hooked, which do you mean?

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Hi you for your info,I have to say you do know about rug hooking,Im looking for rug hooking info using 100% wool strips, and yes you do have a little loop when you bring it up through.tks for any suggestions you can give me

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I've done quite a few of these, and they're dead can use burlap as the basis for your rug, and other things, but burlap is probably the easiest to find. Draw your design onto the burlap...his name in the middle, being sure you leave plenty of burlap the other 'side' of what you plan to be the edges of the rug. If you have a sewing machine, you can sew around the edge of the piece of burlap, just to keep it from fraying while you're working on it. AFter you're all finished you'll sew on rug tape, pull it to the back and sew it to the rug, just to nicely finish the edges. You hook the design first...outline the letters and then fill them in...then, work your way out to the edges, pulling loops of what you select as your background color. Here is a site with instructions.
I will tell you, though, that I never use a hoop or frame...I find them awkward to use (don't use a quilting hoop, either..I just hold the area I'm working on taut, with my other hand)..after finishing the center of the rug you could then do different colored lines around the edges of your rug..perhaps using the fabrics you use in the name, just to lend continuity to your work...sort of a border. It's always good to use the fabrics several different places in a piece. We have a lot of antiques, my daugher,, I usually make sort of primitive looking rugs that go with our other things. Here's one of our daughter's dog, that I made her for Christmas a few years ago (she has a new pup so I reckon I'll be making one with the new dog for next Christmas)

here's one of lady liberty, I made her last year.....for her kitchen's made as a copy of the wall paper border she used

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