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lsb1955December 28, 2010

I started a circular table cloth with a pineapple pattern in 1999-2000 got the pattern from one of the crochet magazines printed in that year. I lost the pattern and have not finished it yet. My daughter thought I had to many magazines and thru them all out. I think the one I needed was in with them. Could some one please help me

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First of all, if that was my daughter, I would skin her alive, no one, and I mean no one ever has too many pattern magazines, and further, if she enjoyed the craft as much as she knows you do, never happen again!
Then, would ask, do you have a way to get a picture to me, perhaps that would help find the elusive pattern.
Sorry if I stepped on toes, but no one messes with my hobbies, but me.

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Don't have a daughter buf if I did and she had done that she wouldn't be standing, that was very mean of her especially since you were working on a pattern from one of them. Mary

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