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andreau0101December 22, 2008

I am VERY new to knitting. I casted off for the first time using the 'continental method' or long tail. I caught on very quickly. After I have casted on, I still have about 2" of the tail still at the top. What do I do with the tail? Do I tie it off, cut it off, etc? I have found that when I just leave it there and try to knit the next row, it gets in the way but it is also too short to push aside.

Any suggestions are wonderful.


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There are several ways to deal with the tail. If you are knitting that has a definite front and back, and the back will not be seen, you can just knit the tail in when knitting your first row. I would leave about a 9" tail to do it this way.

Or you can weave the end in with a needle.

Here is a link that might be useful: weaving ends in as you knit

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thank you, I will try that

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I like to leave the tail evident, till I finish whatever it is I'm working on, to clearly show the beginning of the work (I generally work in the round, so I've found this is a good way to instantly know if I'm approaching the "beginning" of a new row. When I've finished I work it through the finished product, in and out....sometimes I use a blunt nosed wool needle, but more often, just use a crochet hook....and, be sure to do this from the front side, so you can see what you're doing on the part of the product that will be seen. I generally work one way for a while and then completely reverse directions....thinking that turn will keep my tail from accidentally being pulled out.

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