knitting pattern instructions HELP!

sthenry7December 29, 2006

after the first 18 rows, the pattern says to increase 1 st at each end of 11th

and every following 8th row until a certain amount of sts remains....

would that be row 29, 37, 45 etc?

this is the way i've done it but now i've run into problems in terms of the

remaining stitches....

(the pattern is: k row, k row, k row, p2 tog, m1 until last st, p1

suddenly 90 or so rows in i've ended up with an even amount of sts at the

p2tog row so that there is no remaining st. to purl....

i've double checked my counting & i don't seem to have made a mistake)


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I think we need more of the pattern to help you figure this out. Not the whole pattern, but more than what you've given us. And what are you making?


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I don't understand what you have written. Give us the pattern's wording and tell us your problem. It sounds like you are doing the every 8th row ok.

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I don't understand either. How can you "increase" 1 stitch every so many rows "until a certain amount of stitches remain"?

Normally, you would be decreasing stitches until a certain number remain.

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