Dye Testing Costs

Congo01May 15, 2012

Please excuse my ignorance.

Apparently my air unit went out. The technician believes there was a leak, but could not find it. He advised putting a dye in the system so that it would spray it out and he would locate it.

He charged me $382.00 for this process. Is this a normal fee for what appears as a simple process?

Thanks in advance.

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die cost money, so does labor and gasoline. 382. yea a little costly especially for a procedure that probably won't work unless leak is very visible. Chances are the leak is in the evap coil or a bad weld at instal. To put it in perspective The last die leak test I did, I did for free and sure enough no luck. I told the homeowner next was an isolation test. In the meantime IV drip. That system is only 2 yrs old. Bad luck for HO. Leak is probably in lineset where they might have punctured hole in it.I have flexibility cause i don't have to anwser to unruly boss.

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Was the leak found and repaired? How old is this system?

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" but could not find it". In other words making money for the boss.

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Problem with dye is that it only works if you can see the leak. It basically just highlight the minor leaks that you may miss. If he can't find it with the bubbling tester chances are not much better that he will find it with dye. Isolating and pressure testing with nitrogen will be the best way to find where the leaks are but it will cost a lot more than dye.

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