Pattern for neck/collar thing....

marciagayeDecember 3, 2006

O.K. I will try to make some sense. I was at a craft show this weekend and somebody had knitted....using the eyelash yarn a thing to dress up the neckline of a sweater. Laying it flat it looked like a triangle with two tails. The tails you wrapped around your neck and then tucked them underneath the triangular part that is now laying on the front part of the sweater. I hope this makes sense...has anyone else seen these???

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I have never seen one - but it sounds great. Why don't you take a piece of graph paper and draw the shape of it?
Then knit it up to show us. (OK, I'm trying to be funny - but it would be interesting to see.)

When you first started to describe it I wondered if it was the free pattern of eyelash used to "dress up" a denim jacket - with a collar and cuffs.
By "free pattern" I mean those one page sheets of patterns (in a pad), that are usually in front of a display of the eyelash yarn.

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It sounds like a small shawl. Take a tape measure and wrap it around your neck and position it as you saw the other one was to be worn. When you have it where you want it, check the measurement. Cast on enough stitches to equal that. Knit a row, next row decrease one near each end. Never do a decrease or increase on the first stitch of any row, always do it one or two stitches in from the end. Alternate rows until it comes to a point with one or two stitches left. You will have to experiment a bit, and I would do it with a similar weight yarn, but not the eyelash to start with, as it doesn't work well to tear out. You might have to decrease an extra stitch or two in the decrease rows.


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