Don't Understand These Directions

blueheronDecember 26, 2010

I am looking at a scarf pattern and here is part of the directions:


What in the world does YO*5 mean? Usually the asterisk means to start from that point in the directions, but this has me confused.

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Not sure but maybe you do Yarn Over 5 times.
Did you get the pattern of the Net? If so, could you
tell me where to find it. Would like to read the entire
pattern to be certain.
Sometimes if you read the next line of pattern or the
entire pattern will give you a clue.
Judy (

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Hae you seen a picture of the pattern, It could well be a yarn over that is wrapped 5 times. Makes a huge hole, which is what is sometimes what. But to be sure I'd need to see the entire sentence.


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I checked the pattern again and there was an explanation of the yarn overs at the bottom of the page. You yarn over 5 times and drop them on the next row. It's called a drop stitch scarf. Thanks for your help.

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