Looking for patterns for Koala, Alligator and Kangaroo

OklaMoniDecember 29, 2008

Anyone have one to knit? I would also be willing to sew any of these, if I could find a pattern.

I may have to get very creative, and make my own. :)


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Moni, I believe I have a koala. Let me check when I get home. But I don't know how to send attachments with mail through the forum. Send me an email (not through GardenWeb) and I'll reply with the pattern.

For an alligator you may be able to use the Fiery Dragon Scarf as a starting point. It is made with a front and back pice, so you could stuff it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fiery Dragon

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Donna, going to send you a mail right now. :)

That scarf is awesome. Yes, I think once I have a head I can fake the rest. ;)


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I wonder if u could help me i am looking for a koala knitting pattern. my mother in law would love to knit a koala and could never find one.
I would be so grateful if i could have a copy yours please.

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Try Morehouse Farm website. They have all kinds of knitting patterns for animals.

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I am sorry to say, I never made the koala. Then I got a new computer, and "lost the koala".



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