One more outlet on central AC

high_impactMay 31, 2011

On my central AC I want to add an additional 8" dia duct to a specific room to help cool the space quicker. The MB is twice the volume as BR2, yet they both face the south and have one outlet each. I've tried balancing by tweaking the dampers in every room but the MB. But wouldn't adding another feed be more effective?

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do you have room on the plenum to add another duct?
does your unit have the capacity to supply another duct?

one ton of ac is 400 cfm. (cubic feet of air per minute)
each duct size moves a specific amount (cfm)of air.

flex and hard pipe ducting makes a difference
and length of the run effects the amount of air moved.

call an hvac company and get their input.
otherwise you may make more of an issue than you have
to start with.

best of luck.

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