Need help with American Standard Split System

ejohn90472May 31, 2012


I want to purchase an Amerinca Standard split AC system to replace an existing AC split system. I have a 1600 sq foot house, 1 story in LA Calif & do not need any fancy add on's. Just efficent AC condenser, furnance, & coil. I was looking at a 4 ton platinum system but do not understand which one is best for my application. Can soneone offer guidance? Thx


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What size are you replacing?

It is difficult for me to believe you require a 4 ton condenser.

For your location/climate, I would think AC is more important than heating as far as use.

I would be looking at a two stg VS furnace 80 or 95% efficient paired with Allegiance 15 AC condenser and matching coil.

You want a media air filter cabinet and true two stg thermostat.


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Thx for the response - I have an existing 3.5 ton unit that cannot hold a charge. It's approximately 20 years old and am looking for a more efficent unit. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated

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Then why are you going up in size from a 3 1/2 ton to a 4 ton condenser.

It is difficult for me to believe you are being sized correctly.

I would go with XV 80 two stg var speed furnace sized correctly with Allegiance 15 condenser, true two stg thermostat to control the staging of your heat, and 4-5" pleated filter media cabinet. I will assume that cooling is way more important than heating based on your location.


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Thx tigerdunes

Here is what I am considering as a replacement package Four ton 15 SEER equip 4A7A5049E1000
Two stage AUH2C100A9V4
Two stage, variable speed 95% AFUE 4XUC55/100
Benchmark coil

Any suggestions?

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Overkill both size and efficiency.

I would go with XR15 AC condenser no greater than 3 1/2 ton and XV80 80 KBTU furnace with best matching Trane evap coil and pleated filter media cabinet.

You want a true two stg thermostat that will allow low stg fire on the two stg furnace. This is a big deal if operating costs are important to you.
I think the 100 KBTU XV 95 is way oversized both in efficiency and BTUs.
Go with the XV80 80 KBTU furnace with 4 ton rated blower.

What is the average winter temp for LA?


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Three and a half tons is too much capacity for a house that is 1600 sq/ft. You said your house was a 1 story? Is it brick, stone, stucco? Is your house insulated? If I came and installed your system, I would put in a 2.5 ton condenser with a 2.5 ton evap. Where is your air handler located, in the attic or ground level? Is your duct work insulated if it is in the attic?

One of the biggest problems i see in the field is people put in systems that are just too large. Yes, a new system would be able to throttle itself to make a 3.5 ton unit work for your home. But at the same time this will increase your compressor ratio and cost you more to run your unit on hot days. Why pay for what you do not need? I have not seen your house, but I would NEVER install a 3.5 ton unit in a 1600 sq/ft rancher where I live. You want your system to run a long time each time it comes on. This helps to remove the humidity from your home which is what makes you feel comfortable. Too many people get systems installed where they run for 10 minutes or less at least 3 times or more an hour. I would rather your unit run for 15 minutes only twice an hour. Not only is it better for your wallet in the long run, it preserves the life of your equipment.

As the other poster stated, a 100k btu 95% furnace is way too big for your home. A 2 stage, 80k would be ideal. It does not get that cold where you live. I'd be amazed if your heater ran at full capacity more times than not during the winter season. Quite frankly, if electricity is cheaper your way than natural gas, like it is here on the East Coast, I would install a heat pump in your location.

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Thx tigerdunes & Pitcom

If oversized what are your suggestions for both AC & Furance + Coil???


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On furnace, I would want AmStd equivalent to either the XV80 or XT80 furnace-60 K size.

On AC condenser, I would want the Allegiance 15 or 13 model. Depends on your budget and the efficiency you are looking for.

For a 1600 sq ft home with good windows and reasonable insulation properties, then I would think a three ton condenser tops. However, if in doubt ask dealer for a written load calculation or even perform one yourself for a minimal fee.

Link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: HVAC Calc

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