Three More Weeks of Not Knitting!

donna_loomisDecember 22, 2008

I saw the doctor today. After having my family do pretty much everything but wipe my behind for a week, I was so sure I'd be back to business as usual. But they took x-rays and found that a small piece of the ulna had chipped off when I dislocated my elbow and they want it immobilized for three more weeks. So they took off the half-cast I had and replaced it with a full cast from shoulder to knuckles. I did convince them to leave me about a half-inch more open near the hand to at least make it possible to fully extend my fingers.

No showers for three more weeks. Finally, this morning I was able to figure out how to clean my right armpit while bathing, LOL. Soap on the cloth, swing it under my arm, clamp my right arm down, then pull the rag through with my left hand. I guess I will have to figure out some other creative ways to carry on as close to usual as possible. I'm waiting to hear from my employer if he's open to having a one-handed typist, or if I'll have to stay home.

I am not a happy camper. Just thought I'd share my boo hoo with you.

Still happy it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I know I'm blessed.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

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I really feel bad for you. Not being able to knit for that long would drive me crazy. I always have some sort of project going, have to be busy doing something.

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Donna, you probably have quite a few other things going on with the holidays, so maybe it won't be so bad. Just put yarn out of your mind. Just think of how much worse it could be. Two years ago I broke my leg a week or so before Christmas, so I was on crutches. I know having a useless arm is super inconvenient, but at least you're on your feet. And you will heal in time. I know you did not think it would be 3 weeks, so that must have been a shock!

Take care.


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Yes, Susan, I'm on my feet and that is a blessing. But someone else has to cut my dinner up for me and making my hair presentable with only one hand doesn't seem to very successful either, LOL. My daughter (does not live with us) and husband do all the cooking and dishwashing. Today I did manage to put together a casserole, but couldn't lift it to put it in the oven. Had to get my 80+ mom to do it for me.

I should quit complaining, because I know things could be much worse. I still have a roof over my head, unlike the newly homeless young man who came to our door the other night. It was obvious he was not used to asking anyone for anything. He asked if we had any yardwork he could do in exchange for money for dinner. In truth did not have the resources to give him any money, but I told him I could give him some canned goods and water. He had tears in his eyes and said that he had no way to open the cans even. We found a backpack that we were no longer using and filled it up with food and a can opener, I told him to come back when that was gone and we'd fill it up again. I don't know if we'll see him again, but his bag of food is waiting for him. Nearly broke my heart.

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Hi Donna i am sorry you will have the cast for 3 more weeks. but I was touched about your story about the young man. It is so nice to hear there are still people like you who give what they can in these troubled times. it brought a tear to my eye.

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How kind of you to help the young man. Sometimes people feel nervous about helping someone who comes to the door like that as they could be robbers, like what happened in my own community recently when they said they were looking for their dog. But you took a chance on him. It makes you feel good to directly help someone like that, rather than writing a check to an organization.

I have to admit that when I was on crutches I appreciated any help I could get, but I would not have liked help with personal things like cutting my food, bathing, hair, etc.

Well, take care. Maybe you can surf the net for new knitting sites, patterns, etc. and dream, dream, dream about what you WILL do soon.

Best holiday wishes, Susan

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What a frustrating situation for you! Here are my good wishes for you to have a complete healing as soon as possible.


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