knitted multi colored cardigan

ioveDecember 3, 2008


I'm new to the forum and knitting as well. I asked my mom to knit me a cardigan similar to the one I saw at a store I liked. She said that she would gladly do it, only if I gave her some patterns that might be similar. I was wondering if there are any patterns out there available that are similar to this sweater. Images are included.

Thank you,


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oh and the website says it is 100% wool so any suggestions on where I could find this kind of wool of the same color and quality would also be greatly appreciated.

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any ideas?

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It looks to me like a basketweave pattern of some sort. 100% wool would be expensive...size 10 needles on worsted weight maybe would work out. I'd go to your nearest knitting or yarn shop, I'm sure you could find a pattern that would be similar. Good Luck.

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I agree -- basketweave of 4 stitches wide by 9 rows high...

And I'd think you'd want a superwash wool. :-)

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