Any value for replaced air conditioner?

bbcbbcMay 25, 2013

My parents are in the process of getting a new air conditioner system for their home. The installers of the new system are going to haul away the old system "for their convenience".

My understanding is that it is a residential Carrier setup that is around 10 to 15 years old. I would not expect that it is worth much. But I was not sure if it was cheaper to let them haul it away for free than to try to get something from them or someone else for it. Thanks.

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Little to nothing.

You might consider donating it to a charity if installer will deliver.

If a non profit, you can take a small tax deduction.


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I see units for sale in my local newspaper.
low prices..but for contractor to install it is
expensive with no guarantee unit will work.
or for how long.

its a crapshoot with dice loaded against the
new owner.

scrapping for aluminum & copper is more of
a pita than the few $$ you'll get.
an experienced person can scrap & sort the
metals fairly quickly...but you & I would
spend more time than the few $$ we would

as these units are bulky & heavy letting
hvac company have it solves that problem,
and it gives the workers something to do
when work is slow. they get to scrap it.
around here they scrap all year & have a
company crawfish boil with the proceeds.

just my pov.

best of luck.

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keep the linesets and coil (the inside part) if the coil has plenty of copper in it.

I took my lineset and coil and got around $100 for it. The copper tubing is light and bends easily, I only had to remove the rubber/foam insulation from it. I didn't bother to take apart the coil but they gave me the $ for it. If you have a scrap place nearby it is REALLY easy. I did not bother with the outdoor part though I know there is value in there as well. Mine was a 17 year old Lennox.

I found a close place with a decent price
Not eery place lists prices online, but you can easily call.

The scrap copper price in my area has come down about 40 cents/lb since I did it in during the winter. If your lineset is short then it might not matter. Mine went all the way across my basement, 35 feet?

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