Beginning Knitters Problem

snickerdoodle564December 18, 2007

Hopefully the more practiced knitters out there can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've just taught myself to knit, so I began making a scarf (or a dish towel, depending on how much I liked knitting...). But now, it looks more like a cape. With every row I add, it appears that i'm somehow adding a stitch, and it keeps getting wider and wider. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

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Snickerdoodle, you have me stumped. In crochet it is easy to add a stitch at the end if you're not careful, but when knitting, I've never encountered that. I would suggest that you cast on just a few stitches (say, 10) and knit them, counting each one as you knit. Make sure you aren't adding any "yarn overs", which will end up being extra stitches. I do see how this could happen if you are using both knit and purl stitches (taking the yarn from the back to the front and then back again). Make sure you're not moving the yarn from front to back (or back to front) over your needle, but between them. If you are doing straight garter stitch, then I'm at a loss.

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I think Donna has figured out your error. The only other problem I can figure is if the yarn is splitting and one stitch on the needle looks like two. Be sure that after you make any knit or purl stitch, that you slide off the stitch you just knitted into from the left needle.

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Or, maybe you are not completeing (sp?) a stitch and on the next row it looks like a stitch, which would be an extra stitch. I've done that before.


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Donna: what exactly is a "yarn over"? I'm just doing a straight knit stitch, and I *think* I'm doing it correctly (although, I haven't had anyone show me how to do this, so i could be totally messing it up...).

Thanks for all your help!

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Snickerdoodle, here is a link to explain what a Yarn Over is and how it is done:

Here is a link that might be useful: Yarn Over

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If you accidentally made yarnovers, you should see holes in your knitting. Another possibility is that because first stitch of each row is loose (it doesn't have two stitches anchoring it on either side) you are knitting into the two loops below the first stitch instead. It may be likely because you are adding stitches gradually and consistently giving you the cape shape.

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I've made several yarn overs. I think I'm also doing what threejsmom said, and stitching into the two loops below the first stitch. I think I'm just going to start the whole thing over and give it another go.

Thanks for all your help!

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when I was teaching the kids in September one did the same thing. Finally figured out, at the start of the row she stitched in to the first stitch twice. Make sure, when you turn around to put the yarn to the back/front without twisting the first stitch around. Not sure, if that makes sense... but I don't know how to explain this.


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