Opinions on Schrock Cabinetry

a.girl.named.maxJanuary 25, 2011

I have a tiny budget for a badly needed kitchen update. (The house still has orange countertops!) I can get a great price on Schrock cabinets. My GC has to order them by Friday in order to keep the price. I'm looking for feedback on the quality of these "value" cabinets.


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I have them. You get what you pay for. I would do it again, though, because it meant I got a nice kitchen before I died.

All the backs of the drawers were rough either in places or the whole thing. I have sanded all of them. One of my soft close drawers doesn't close by itself, I have to dink around with it. One hinge is wonky. Mine are almost a year old. I'm happy with them for what I paid. They look nice. Everyone admires them. I did a very cheap remodel but it works for me. Mine are hickory.

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I have had mine for 2+ years and no problems... Nothing coming apart or wearing out... I have no quality complaints... Don't knock em because you can get em for a good price.. Feel good that you arent overpaying for cabinets and can get the kitchen you want.. They seem pretty much identical to most other big box brands.. You can upgrade the construction for not much more in cost..

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I have had them for 6 years. I too have no complaints on the quality. I am always amazed at the amount of weight some of pull-outs hold!

If I had one complaint it would be that the drawers are fairly shallow.

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No complaints here. I inherited them when I moved into my current house three years ago. They are about 10 years old. They were that 'washed' maple look; I had them painted creamy white and they are just fine! Quite solid and satisfactory.

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I almost bought them when I realized they offered the exact doors and colors as the Thomasville I was quoted at HD. I got a better price on the Shrock thru a small cabinet shop. I am not getting them, but only because I found a great local custom guy who was cheaper than both!

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We had Schrock in our last house and had absolutely no complaints. We lived there 12 yrs and they still looked new when we moved.

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They are EXACTLY the same as Thomasville. Both are Masterbrand lines. So are Diamond, Kemper, Somersby and Galleria. There are other Masterbrand lines, but these are the ones on my "equivalent doors" cross-reference chart I use to figure out what people are getting quoted at HD and Lowes. Where I work carries Diamond Distinction.

They all come out of the same shop as far as I know.

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Cabinfo - Are you willing to share your "equivalent doors" cross-reference chart with us?

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We just had Schrock installed. We feel we got a lot of cabs for the money. Ours are toasted almond with a maple glaze. The finish is excellent. Ours used Blum slides and hinges. Soft close drawers were standard. I'm glad to hear from others that they hold up because the upper boxes are not constructed the way you see others. There are no hanging cleats so screw placement is important.My carpenter had a few issues with some boxes not being square but he said he could adjust. Drawers seem super sturdy and are nicely finished. Shrock has also been super responsive on any issues. They sent crown molding that was too narrow and that was replaced promptly as well as the doors to a lazy susan cab in the corner that the carpenter had an issue with. Everything arrived in good condition. Nothing broken including two cabs with glass. Very pleased.

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marita-your cabs looks lovely!

I ordered Shrock for my island because I wanted the Oasis with Distressing. No uppers so I can't report on that. Just base cabs, and I also upgraded drawer boxes to all wood. Will post more info once cabs are installed. Have heard mixed reviews, but I didn't really give a squat since it was just my island and I wanted a specific color. The finish looks very nice, I love my island legs!

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I didn't notice the link the first time.. i think i have those exact cabinets.. don't be deterred by the "value" construction term there. I picked that line because i liked the door style more than any of the others.. You can upgrade the construction to be the same as their trademark or higher quality line and I don't recall the upgrades being all that expensive.. i think they were a couple hundred dollars so nothing major..

here is a picture.. mine are Wheat..

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@favabeans5: your kitchen is beautiful! love how the warmth of the cabinets brings out the warm tones in the backsplash. well done!

i looked at the shrock website the OP linked to. they have some really nice extras available under the "organization cabinets" which i haven't seen with other lines.

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we used Schrock twenty years ago on a house and they were my wife's favorite of all our homes.

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My house is seven years old and my "builder" and I use the term loosely, talked my ex-wife into Schrock cabinets. They are pieces of s*&^!!! The bottoms of the drawers are all falling out, the self close hinges are breaking almost daily, so they dont close correctly. Anybody who buys Schrock cabinets is in for the letdown of their lives.(as far as cabinets go!)

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