Anyone familiar with Alpaca?

Jean BoDecember 21, 2012

I have been thinking for many years about raising Alpacas, so I wanted to get more familiar with Alpaca products. I purchased several throws and scarfs made with 100% Alpaca from an on-line store as gifts for Christmas. I am in the South so It's not like I could go to the store or a local farm. Anyway, they just arrived and I am not 100% thrilled. They each look like a cat has been sleeping on them. They have all these loose single hairs sticking all about. I pulled on some and they are quite long and come right out of the product. Is this right? Shouldn't the Alpaca be completely smooth and free of loose hairs? My delusion is that the Alpaca would have been spun and then a final product would have been made and all hairs would be contained. Thoughts?

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I have alpaca yarn, but no alpacas. What I have worked with is not hairy at all. It is spun nicely, just like most other yarn. It's soft and smooth, and VERY warm, but wicking also. Something doesn't sound right to me, but without a having read a description from the site you bought them from, I don't know. Personally, I would return them as inferior goods, unless they were described as what you received. I guess mostly, it depends on how they were spun, but I am not a spinner, just a knitter. I hope someone else can help you better.


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Jean Bo

Thanks Tami, that is how I understood that the product would be. Here is a link so you can see the product. I am disappointed, was expecting pure luxury item... ugggh.. now what? I went on a few other sites and did a very close up and I do see hairs sticking out so maybe that's how the manufactured ones are. Thoughts anyone?

Here is a link that might be useful: peruviangoods

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