bottom ribbed edge flips up on sweater?

sheilajoyce_gwDecember 31, 2008

Saw a great hint I will try next time I knit a sweater. It is a hint to prevent the ribbing from flipping up when you knit a sweater from the bottom ribbing up. The solution is really simple. When knitting a sweater from the bottom up to prevent the ribbing from flipping up, on the last row of ribbing, slip all the knit stitches as if to purl. That's it.

I will try it the next time, as I have that problem. There is also a more complicated hint to prevent the ribbing from flipping up when you knit the sweater from the top down, but I have not read that part of the hint as yet. Will report later.

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Sheila Joyce, maybe all these weeks of not being able to knit have addled my brain, but I can't seem to get my head around this. If you slip a stitch as if to purl, I don't see that it changes the position of the stitch at all. They are still seated as they were previously, aren't they? Now, if you slip them as if to knit, I think they change position then. Have you tried it yet? I'm certainly curious.

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Well, I am not the expert, but it is supposed to work. The explanation included that the last row of ribbing before the transition is the weakest point in the sweater, so thus the flipping, I guess. I intend to try this as I do have this problem often.

If you are knitting top down, there is one additional step. On the last row of the pattern, switch to the smaller needles you will use for the rib, and then when you knit the ribbing, slip the knit stitches in a k1, p1 ribbing.

I have also had this problem with moss or seed stitch borders. I assume the solution is the same. I think with the slipped stitches that you would get a stronger, sturdier fabric, much like when you knit the heel of a sock and slip every other stitch.

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Sheila, I apologize. I re-read your first post and realize that I misread it to say to slip the entire row of stitches, which of course would do nothing except transfer them to the other needle unchanged. When you mentioned the sock heel I realized that you were only speaking of the knit stitches. Now I get it. And yes, it certainly is worth a try. Thanks.

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